Carolina Herrera Beauty’s 90’s Makeup Routine

Carolina Herrera Beauty takes us on a trip back to the ’90s with its latest makeup trend, inspired by Caroline Bessette Kennedy’s iconic style.

For the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, which debuted at New York Fashion Week, Wes Gordon, Carolina Herrera’s creative director, drew inspiration from the ’90s girl’s natural, chic makeup. The result is a natural and polished look, perfectly capturing the essence of the era.

To recreate this timeless makeup look, Herrera Beauty global makeup artist, Lauren Parsons, used a selection of products that embody the spirit of simplicity. The focus was on achieving a fresh, undone yet *flawless* look.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 12: A model walks the runway for Carolina Herrera during New York Fashion Week: Shows on September 12, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Fernanda Calvat/Getty Images)

Chic Mono Eyeshadows Matte in Caramel and Chocolate from Carolina Herrera Beauty played a central role in creating a natural color on the eyelids. These eyeshadows have a buildable cream-to-powder texture, with the brand’s signature finish Gorgeous smudge-proof eyes Mascara To add volume and definition, while maintaining a natural look.

One of the standout features of Bessette-Kennedy’s signature look was her choice of lipstick shades. Herrera Beauty has recreated these shades with Fabulous Kiss lipsticks, including Dark Leather, Nude Supreme, Birthday Red, and Orange Bliss. This lipstick delivers intense pigmentation enriched with hydrating ingredients and hyaluronic acid filling spheres, leaving your lips with a velvety smooth finish.

For the cheeks, Good Girl Blusher in Plum Tulip was used to create a natural glow. This innovative, silky and buildable formula can be used on both cheeks and lips, and ensures adherence without a greasy feel – making it perfect for all-day wear.

To complete the look, a touch of the global cream-to-powder Fabulous Skin Highlighter was applied to the high points of the face, providing a subtle “lit-from-within” glow, according to the brand.

Carolina Herrera Beauty
USA – October 05: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy attends the Municipal Arts Society Gala at Grand Central Station. (Photo by Richard Corkery/New York Daily News Archives via Getty Images)

The beauty of ’90s minimalist chic is its timeless appeal. It’s a look that combines natural beauty with refined sophistication. Thanks to Carolina Herrera Beauty, this iconic makeup look from the past is now within reach of the modern woman.

Whether you’re following the spirit of Carolyn Besset-Kennedy or simply looking for an effortlessly chic, polished look, Carolina Herrera’s Spring/Summer 2020 makeup routines and products have you covered!

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