Cathy’s Guide to Gardening: Climbing Flowers and Plants

Cathy’s Guide to Gardening: Climbing Flowers and Plants

Written by Cathy Isfahani

An explosion of color from a climbing flower is a stunning addition to any landscape. These plants provide a vertical design element with minimal space requirements. The plants listed below are perennials, but tropical – be sure to cover them when temperatures drop below 38 degrees. Visit us at the nursery to discover these beautiful climbers:

  • Amanda It is an evergreen vine that produces bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. This plant prefers morning sun but can adapt to a full sun area. As a tropical plant, allamanda likes moist but well-drained soil. Although it is a beautiful vine found around the yard or pool, allamanda can be toxic to animals if ingested.
  • Bleeding heart It is a tropical vine that thrives in full shade or morning sun. This evergreen plant has dark green leaves and clusters of white flowers with red accents. Bleeding heart prefers soil that is consistently moist, but not saturated, and can be pruned to the shape of your choice.
  • Infernal It is a tropical woody plant that loves the Florida heat! This vine can reach 40 feet tall and produces beautiful pink, purple, red, white, orange and yellow flowers. Bougainvillea will quickly climb up a trellis or tree. Beware of thorns when working with this climber and look for an area in full sun to encourage flowering throughout the season.
  • a Carolina jasmine The vine is an evergreen climber with fragrant yellow flowers. Except in extreme cold temperatures, these plants bloom in late winter through spring and thrive in Northeast Florida. Also known as Carolina jasmine, Carolina jasmine prefers areas with full sun. Prune when the plant has finished flowering to maintain a controlled shape and encourage fullness in the lower areas of the stem.
  • Confederate jasmine It is easy to grow in partial to full sun. Also known as star jasmine, these plants produce small white, star-shaped flowers. Confederate jasmine can grow to over 20 feet if left unpruned! However, with a little attention, they can be shaped, and cutting the ends of the vines will encourage full growth.
  • Mandeville The vines grow quickly and produce red, pink, or white flowers from spring through fall. These fragrant flowers have five petals and sometimes feature a yellow center. Mandevilla loves Florida sunshine but may need shade during the hottest part of the day. Add these plants to your landscape to encourage hummingbirds to visit.

Use flowers and climbers in your landscape to incorporate height and color. Not only are climbing plants good for privacy and shade, but they can also add interest to a fence or wall. Prune climbing plants and flowers when they are not blooming to maintain the desired shape and control their growth. As always, be sure to note your climber’s sunlight requirements when determining the ideal location for these ornamental plants.

Happy farming!

Flower of the week: Infernal

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