Climbing vines are a great garden space saver

Climbing vines are a great garden space saver

I liked the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” when I was a boy, and I still do. I love climbing vines and growing lots of them, including perennial or annual flowers, along with some vegetables. Vines are a great way to save space and show off flowers.

I've had a lot of luck in the vegetable garden growing cucumbers on trellises. I made a simple frame to support my movements, and you can too. Use four 6-foot-long pieces of 2×2 lumber for the frame. Attach them in pairs with simple gate hinges from the hardware store. Then space them about five feet apart, with pieces of peg at the top and bottom, and attach chicken wire so the vines can grip.

I used a cordless drill and short rock nails to put it together. I made it sturdier by cutting short pieces of straps to go from the front legs to the back legs. To make sure it wouldn't blow away, I stuck a hardwood stake into the ground at each end and tied it with this tape. Once the vines are long enough, lift them onto chicken wire, and they will quickly stick to it and grow.

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