Daffodils can make a big difference

There are lots of reasons to love daffodils. These spring-blooming bulbs are not fussy about where they are planted. They bloom again year after year and are not bothered by deer, rabbits or other garden pests. But there is also a whole world of beautiful daffodils beyond the classic yellow ones.

Daffodils are available in unusual flower shapes and unexpected colors that can give a whole new look to your spring gardens.

Get an early start on next year’s daffodil season with Barrett Browning, a variety with pure white petals and gorgeous red-orange trumpets. It is an excellent choice for naturalization. Pink Charm also has white petals but has a large coral pink trumpet with frilled edges. It is considered one of the best pink daffodils and is known for its vitality and reliability.
Add eye-catching color with Red Devon’s gorgeous yellow petals and dependable bright orange cups. For a more subtle style, choose pastel colors from British Gamble. Its white petals are the perfect backdrop for the ruffled peachy pink trumpet on these massive 5-inch flowers.
Change things up with some detached trumpet daffodils. Cassata is a vigorous grower with a frilled, lemon-yellow cup that lies almost flat on broad white petals. Cum Laude has large, bright, very decorative flowers with peach accents. Lemon Beauty’s flowers feature pure white petals, and its separate trumpet resembles a bright yellow star.
Double daffodils add elegance to gardens and spring flower arrangements. They also extend the season by blooming several weeks later than most other species. La Torch’s fragrant, upward-facing double flowers are a combination of yellow petals and bright orange ruffles. Delnashaugh is a late-blooming double with layers of pure white petals interspersed with apricot-pink ruffles. The very large underpants flowers have dense centers of white and golden-yellow petals.
Some daffodils produce a bouquet of flowers on each stem. The pueblo grows only 12 inches tall, and its yellow primrose flowers gradually fade to creamy white. The pretty eyeflower has two to three flowers on each stem, with white petals, bright orange cups, and a gardenia-like scent.
Reduce their size by planting a few miniature daffodils. Place them in rock gardens, under shrubs, along paths, in containers, and mix them with spring-flowering bulbs and other perennials. Tete a Tete has bright, bright yellow flowers and is only 7 inches tall. Titibuckle is similar in size, but its double flowers display layers of yellow, gold, and green petals.

Jet Fire is another adorable little daffodil. It has bright orange trumpets and golden-yellow petals and is a great small-scale naturalization tool in the landscape. The minnow is a gorgeous little gem with pale yellow petals and bright yellow trumpets. Sundisc’s small flowers have pale yellow petals and a deep yellow, almost flat trumpet.
Small daffodils are a particularly good choice for perennial gardens, as they will not overwhelm neighboring plants.
With so many daffodil varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find new ways to add spring beauty to your lawn and gardens.

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