‘Dangerous’ Christmas decorations are banned as airport signs appear, travelers have been warned

‘Dangerous’ Christmas decorations are banned as airport signs appear, travelers have been warned

Travelers planning to travel this Christmas should know that one of the decorations may be a “no-go” during their trip.

Ahead of the holiday season, airlines are reminding passengers that Christmas crackers pose a safety risk on aircraft, with some airlines banning them completely. Signs have been spotted at Glasgow Airport this week to make sure travelers are aware.

At certain departure gates it says: “Reminder. Christmas crackers are classified as dangerous goods and are prohibited on board.”

You may not realize it, but crackers fall under the category of party crackers, and are banned on all flights outside the UK, whether in checked or carry-on baggage. Unlike Christmas decorations, the rules for Christmas crackers vary slightly, with some airlines allowing them while others ban them entirely.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), decorations may be carried in baggage, provided they are sealed in their original retail packaging. However, she advises travelers to check with the airlines they have booked as some have a ban on such items.

If you look inside a Christmas cookie, you’ll find two strips of cardstock joined together and slightly overlapping. This is dealt with using gunpowder – a highly flammable substance – and when the biscuit is pulled, the friction between the two strips causes the gunpowder to be released, emitting the well-known popping sound.

Flammable materials have a low combustion threshold, so there is a high risk of explosion. If Christmas crackers packed in luggage move during the flight, they could explode on their own, potentially causing a fire or worse.

If you’re planning a flight this Christmas, check below to see which airlines don’t allow crackers, according to recent research.

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