Decorate your home with the LEGO Botanical set

Sometimes buying a gift for someone can be challenging. Flowers are often an easy favorite, even when friends and family are visiting to get together. While they make great decorations for the function and around the house, trying to keep them alive for more than just a day or two is always a challenge. Fortunately, there are creative alternatives for this occasion. Enter the botanical LEGO set.

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Whether it’s a birthday or a cactus congratulations, the new range of LEGO Botanical sets has the perfect gift of your choice. The collection provides an artistic and creative expression of affection, love, best wishes and self-care for your favorite people. It has been designed to reflect the timeless tradition of giving flowers as gifts to your loved ones, with a creative twist that makes it truly unique.

Each LEGO Botanical set contains a message that reads: “Thank you”, “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, “Bravo” and “Best Wishes”. Fans can choose from an array of plants and flowers designed to create alternative home or office decor. Each group also carries its own expression. For example, the orchid is a display of love, beauty and opulence, where the sakura is a symbol of new beginnings. Cactus is the guardian of fidelity, warmth and security, birds of paradise symbolize victory and freedom, while bonsai emphasizes a haven of peace and tranquility. Nothing says that better than a LEGO Botanical set.

Speaking at the launch event last week, LEGO South Africa Director, Miroslav Chiha, said of the set:

“Gift-giving and flowers are woven into the fabric of South African culture. The LEGO Botanicals collection embodies the warmth and friendliness of South Africans, while paying tribute to the country’s rich and diverse flora and fauna. However, their timeless beauty ensures that these special bouquets will last a lifetime.”

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Decorate your home with the LEGO Botanical set

In addition to the larger sets, LEGO also includes several single-stem flowers, which can be mixed and matched to pair with other sets or together as a separate set. These collections include roses, daffodils, California Poppy, Aster, Aloe Vera, Lavender and Snapdragon. You can design your favorites with symphonies of color to create a truly unique composition for your home, emphasizing one of LEGO’s main points: endless creativity.

Throughout September, South Africans can catch a glimpse of these collections in the wild at Gateway and Sandton City shopping centres. The collections will be displayed in charming flower carts, reflecting real flower arrangements. The kits form part of the #SayitWithLEGOFlowers campaign currently underway across South Africa. This allows LEGO fans in South Africa to find their next creative gift options for the people in their lives.

In addition to teasing the launch, Miroslav Šiha also emphasized the importance of sustainability, which is also a main focus area for the group.

“Because gift-giving often plays into the negative aspects of consumerism, the commercialization of happy and emotional occasions, and often leads to the purchase and throwing away of unsustainable materials such as plastic, knowing that LEGO Botanical sets include plant-derived plastic elements is sustainably sourced, providing sugarcane Peace of mind for the gift giver and the recipient, and environmental awareness.

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Decorate your home with a LEGO botanical set

When words aren’t enough, give the gift of LEGO Botanical.

The LEGO Botanical Collection forms part of the LEGO ICONS category. There are plenty of options to choose from, as well as unique and creative combinations. You can buy them online at, or in stores nationwide.

The collection includes sets such as the Tranquil Garden, Dried Flower Centerpiece, Wildflower Bouquet, Daffodils, Orchid, and Succulents, as well as my favorite set, the Bonsai Tree, and many more.

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