Decorating your home with props like fancy flowers can lead to a faster sale

Decorating your home with props like fancy flowers can lead to a faster sale

No one wants style over substance, but when it comes to selling your home, we could all benefit from some design tips.

Some homeowners even pay people to prepare their properties for the market.

Stage Set: Props such as fresh flower vases and coffee table books add oomph to your living room

“It’s no longer just bricks and mortar, it’s what the bricks and mortar say about you,” says Becky Fatemi, managing director of Roxton, which specializes in luxury real estate remodeling.

Buyers don’t want to smell last night’s dinner or see dirty clothes on the bedroom floor. You want to give the impression of harmonious living in a home that has room for everything, room to breathe, and an efficient extractor fan.

“Present your home so the buyer can imagine living there,” says Tanya Bedford, of Marchand Petit estate agents.

We’ve all heard of making coffee or baking bread right before a potential buyer arrives. Non-bakers will be pleased to hear that Sensory Decisions sells Fresh Baking Room Spray for £9.95 (

The props have gone up a bit. “Wellies, they’re not brand new, but they’re not covered in mud either, and a dog leash hanging on the porch gives the impression that your home offers a country lifestyle,” says Tanya.

Shoes: The right kind of shoes that are wet but not covered in mud give the impression of living in the countryside

Don’t have a dog? Simple details. It shouldn’t be in the house anyway because that would ruin the subtly scented air.

Hide the biscuit barrel and “keep fresh eggs in a pretty bowl, a pot of honey – high-end Manuka or local farmers market – and bowls of juicy berries in the kitchen,” says Carol Pitt, managing director of West Wales Property. Finders.

Home design began in America, but, like Halloween and baby showers, it is catching on here.

Katie Korzenitz of Home Restyler, based in the Southwest, has been decorating homes for a decade. She says demand has increased by 20 percent in the past two years.

“The market is competitive and sellers obviously want to get as much as possible for their property. This means offering buyers a lifestyle they want and aspire to.

Can you say that with flowers? Yes, but the traditional set is old hat. Instead, go to an upscale florist for an elegant and sophisticated display.

Houseplants, especially exotic varieties, indicate a nurturing environment. Get rid of anything dead or dusty.

BLOWING BEAUTIFULLY: A clever selection of flowers from the florist will add a sophisticated touch to your table

Katie advises getting rid of family photos, because unless your models look like Ralph Lauren, people won’t want to see photos of you. “Choose landscapes or modern artwork that suggest wealth and sophistication,” she says.

Can’t invest in art? Make something yourself. “Buy a canvas and paint it with splashes of bright, bright colors, then hang it on the living room wall,” says Katie. If you are not up to the task, involve the children in the task.

“If anyone asks, just smile and say it is a unique painting by an upcoming artist,” she says.

Smell is the sense most closely associated with memory, and thus with subconscious reactions. Hence the ban on dogs or cooking herring for breakfast or anything that strongly suggests that you are trying to hide something.

The emotional reaction to the scent was so strong that housebuilder Millgate Homes, based in Twyford, Berkshire, asked fragrance specialists ScentAir to create a scent for their luxury projects in Ascot and Sunningdale.

The scent of white tea and figs sparked good responses from buyers with eight apartments worth up to £800,000 each and six houses worth up to £4.25 million sold within just a few weeks.

Smell of Success: Smell plays an important role when selling a home. Out are the dogs, in are the expensive bathroom products.

Figs have a sophisticated and delicate aroma, and white tea is known for its health benefits. “This combination is attractive to customers,” says Jonathan Cranley of Millgate.

Color schemes should be pleasant, but without being pedestrian.

“Color psychologists tell us that green creates balance and a feeling of calm and sanctuary, so it’s a great color for the bathroom,” says Nicola Craddock, of estate agents Strutt & Parker. “A touch of red in the living room adds warmth.”

Don’t let anyone know you buy your toiletries from the supermarket. “Decorate your bathroom with expensive beauty products, such as Chanel or Jo Malone and soaps from the luxury brand Aesop,” says Becky Fatemi.

Becky advises leaving the latest issues of glossy magazines, such as The Economist, Vogue and GQ, on the bedside table. Coffee table books also go well.

“These are luxury products that people want to imagine themselves reading – whether they turn to them or not,” she says.

And why not skip fancy embossed invitations for garden parties or weddings, says James White, of estate agent Barton White.

If you’re running low on cash, rent a Ferrari for the weekend and leave it parked while you drive. If nothing else, it will keep the neighbors talking for weeks.

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