Discover 7 plants to plant in October in your garden |

Discover 7 plants to plant in October in your garden |

As the gardening season begins to wind down in the fall, there is no rest as the mind begins to think ahead to next year. Most people think of spring and summer as the main growing periods each year, so you may be wondering, what plants can be planted in October?

There is still plenty to plant in October. Many flowers and vegetables can be planted to appear next spring and summer. A little planning now can help get flower beds blooming earlier and crops ready sooner.

I spent many years working in public parks in the UK that were open to visitors all year round. The displays of plants and crops are planned in advance to ensure there is something people will be interested in seeing throughout 12 months of the year, meaning our growing season extends into the fall.

Seeds can be sown indoors in pots or directly in the ground in the fall

(Image credit: Getty Images/Alexander Zubkov)

What can you plant in October?

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