Discover Dahlia at WPL

Discover Dahlia at WPL

Written by Madison Butkus

Hometown Weekly Reporter

A stunning collection of dahlias was created inside the Community Meeting Room at the Westwood Public Library (WPL) last Saturday, September 30. Run by the New England Dahlia Society (NEDS), members welcomed anyone who wanted to learn more about these amazing flowers.

No matter your age, there was a little something for everyone at this event. NEDS President Gabriel Ziebarth can be seen creating beautiful floral arrangements using various dahlias brought to the site. Julie Polley was seen helping those at the table build your own bouquet. This table allowed them to create their own unique bouquet from over fifty buckets of dahlias. Both your arrangements and bouquets were completely free, and by the end of the event, NEDS was completely out of flowers!

For the children, Celeste Gauthier ran the very popular children’s table. This educational corner allowed the little ones to design their own dahlia using colored pencils. Also on this table are some interesting facts about this type of flower. “We wanted a space where kids could express themselves while also giving them a teaching moment about these flowers,” Gauthier said.

NEDS member Julie Polley brought dahlias that she grew herself to display and serve at the event. Speaking of this wonderful occasion, she continued: “What you see here is an example of how to set it up for a show. Last weekend, we had a big show at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, and it went very well. There are over 50,000 recorded species of Dahlias. From the very small daisy type ones to the big ones you see at the end. Some of the larger ones at the end are some of my own plants that I grow at home. I grow all my flowers to give away, I’m not competing, I just love to give someone a bouquet Flowers and smile. “The world is in chaos, the least I can do is make people smile with my flowers.”

Donna Lynn, known as the Duchess of Dahlias, was also in attendance. She is an expert on all things dahlias and a judge at numerous flower shows. NEDS was very proud to welcome her and have her experience building!

When it comes to partnering with WPL, Polley also discussed, “We’re trying to incorporate the professional end of things because we want the community to come together and there’s no better place to do that than a community center which is what the library is doing. So with that, we’ve got a great mix of people that have come in to here.”

The Discovering Dahlias event was certainly a hit with locals and more. To find more events like this happening at WPL, please visit their website

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