DIY fall wreath ideas to decorate your home

DIY fall wreath ideas to decorate your home

Although I’m no Martha Stewart, I enjoy crafts and art projects, especially with kids. I’ve tried these burlap wreaths in the past, but wanted to try something new for the fall. DIY wreaths on the front door are a great way to celebrate the season.

Autumn decor

When we think of decor, we often think of Christmas, but decorations can be made to suit any season. Door decorations help create a Halloween atmosphere for visitors and trick-or-treaters (who get healthy treats, of course!). It’s also a fun way to display the season’s bounty from your front porch.

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If you want to keep your fall wreath looking prettier, use it for home decor inside your home instead. Wreath making is a full-time profession for some people, but these easy DIY tutorials are fun and simple enough to do.

Fall wreath ideas

These fall decor ideas are adaptable to your preferences. I start with natural materials in fall colors, a wreath base of some sort, and things like a glue gun, floral wire, string, and ribbon to hold everything together. And don’t forget your door wreath hanger!

You can use a wooden embroidery hoop from a craft store as a simple option. Or use a grapevine wreath as the base for your wreath shape. The straw wreath shape works well with something like a corn cob wreath.

Here are some options for what to include in a fall wreath. Many of them can be sourced from your own garden or found at your local farmers market. This place offers dried decor that will be shipped to your door.

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