Does Olivia Flowers still live with her parents in Charleston?

Does Olivia Flowers still live with her parents in Charleston?

When we first meet Olivia Flowers at the beginning of Season 8 of Southern charmShe told us the details of her living arrangements and her connection to Charleston.

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“My roommate situation now is my dad,” she laughed during her confession in the first episode of Season 8. “I was living in Los Angeles, but when the coronavirus hit, I didn’t want to be cooped up there during the apocalypse. So I moved back home, and that’s when I realized that being in Los Angeles was too far away. I wanted to be closer to my family.”

Now, ahead of Season 9, which premieres Thursday, September 14, at 9/8c, we were curious to see if Olivia’s “roommate status” was still in place.

Does Olivia Flowers still live with her parents?

According to a press release and her new official bio, Olivia is now a “mainstay in Charleston” after moving from the West Coast. As for the “stately waterfront house” she lived in with her parents, Olivia stayed in the house and her parents moved away, leaving her “to rule as lady of the manor.”

The house, located in the Isle of Palms area (near Ship Rose, by the way), is an absolutely stunning property, as it’s right on the water and has an amazing view.

Scroll down for a refresher on some of its amazing details:

Olivia Flowers’ home on Isle of Palms

The whitewashed home has a stunning view of the water and is complete with a dock and a lush backyard perfect for entertaining (more on that in a bit).

The front of the house shows off its inviting and elegant style, with plenty of palm trees dotting the landscape and stunning blue shutters highlighting the windows.

When we meet Olivia’s parents, Gary and Robin Flowers, the family is gathered in the stunning, refreshing kitchen, which features white panels on the walls, white cabinets, and white countertops.

The room was filled with colorful elements, including teal and white zebra print table chairs, a blue and white damask print living room chair, and a white, feathery-looking light fixture above the dining room table.

Later, in Episode 6 of Season 8, Olivia and her parents throw a backyard party for family and friends, where drama between Olivia’s classmates begins to boil over.

While we were enjoying the event, we couldn’t take our eyes off the various elements of the backyard space, which included a large outdoor bar complete with white tiles, a gray and white marble countertop, and teal shutters.

When Patricia Altschul arrived, she immediately pointed out the beautiful sidewalk (which… how could you not?).

We also got a look at the gorgeous pool and hot tub area where the ladies gathered to chat. Looks like Olivia has the perfect space to entertain herself!

More details on Southern charm Season 9

In addition to updating her housing, Olivia’s bio reveals how she “put Austen (Kroll) in the rearview as she explores the dating scene and focuses on cultivating new female friendships.”

As you can see in the clip above, a lot of the drama this season focuses on rumors of a relationship between Austin (Olivia’s ex) and Taylor Ann Green, Shep’s ex-girlfriend and Olivia’s (ex?) best friend.

While Austin admits that “something happened” with Taylor at the beginning of the show, she didn’t provide any additional details — not even afterward. for him Once again, ex Madison LeCroy screams, “Did you have sex with Taylor or not?!”

The alleged attempt becomes the focus of several other conversations in the trailer, leaving some of the actors in tears.

Learn more about what Southern charm The cast is all set for the new season here and check out the newbies and their evolving photo looks here!

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