Dreamy tulip farms around Ontario will take you on a little spring trip to Europe

Dreamy tulip farms around Ontario will take you on a little spring trip to Europe

Spring has sprung and that means Ontario’s fields will soon be transformed into colorful rows of tulips. You can enjoy a little taste of Holland this spring with a trip to some of these gorgeous tulip farms around the county.

Featuring endless blooms, fun activities and gorgeous pictures, you can immerse yourself in a floral dreamland at these locations.

There are also a few new farms to visit this year so you can look forward to some completely unique experiences.

Here are eight tulip farms around Ontario you can visit this spring that will transport you to another land.

GB Niagara Tulip Experience

Price: $18.08 per adult

When: Reopening April 26, 2024

Address: 1934 Center Street, Ridgeville, Ontario

Why you should go: Do ​​you dream of endless tulip fields? You’ll want to plan a trip to this dreamy tulip farm that’s just a road trip away from Toronto.

The JP Niagara Tulip Experience is home to a million tulips in 85 varieties, and you can get lost in a sea of ​​color. The farm lets you pick your own flowers so you can take some home to enjoy.

This year, you can take some photos with new ones like the swing, windmill and garden tree. Wines from Bella Terra Vineyards will also be served on select days and “Wine Wednesday” nights where you can enjoy dinner for two, soft drinks and 10 tulips each.

JP Niagara Tulip Experience Site

Hat Trick Farms

Price: $10+ per person

When: Scheduled to open on April 19, 2024

Address: 18971 Fargo Road, Blenheim, Ontario

Why you need to go: Just an hour outside of Windsor, you’ll discover charming Hat Trick Farms. The floral destination lets you wander through colorful spring blooms and offers “cut flower bouquets and on-farm experiences.”

There are 31 species of tulips in a range of colors and sizes.

Tickets to the farm are available online and you can even purchase a dog-friendly ticket that allows your furry friend to join in on the spring adventure.

You can also book some tulip experiences that include flower pressing sessions and photography.

Hat Trick Farms website

Green corners

Price: to be announced

Time: will be announced

Address: 1259 York Corners Road, Ottawa, Ontario

Why you need to go: You can get lost in a sea of ​​tulips at this dreamy place. Green Corners is “Ottawa’s largest flower field” and is filled with fresh tulips every spring.

Last year, the farm had more than 500,000 tulips plus daffodils for added cheer.

You can choose your own flowers or get one of the bouquets to take home with you.

Dogs are welcome to join in the fun and you can also bring some snacks to enjoy at the picnic tables. Tickets and opening date have not yet been announced, so stay tuned.

Green Corners website

Tulip Peak Farm Mission

Price: $18.50+ per adult

When: Opening April 27, 2024

Address: 433 Sixteen Road, Ridgeville, Ontario

Why you should go: This charming tulip farm near Toronto will transport you to the Netherlands this spring. Tasc Tulip Pick Farm will soon reopen in a brand new location in Niagara, and it’s as charming a place as ever.

The farm is 40 acres and has 100 varieties of tulips, and you can get lost in a floral dreamland.

From picking tulips to taking unique photos like a vintage Dutch car and a Dutch bicycle, the farm has plenty of things to enjoy. There’s a new “no picking” area where you can take your photos away from the crowds.

Throughout the season, Tasc will host events such as pet photography, live music, painting, flower arranging and more.

Bring your appetite, because there will be food trucks on site where you can enjoy dishes like pizza, funnel cake, and BeaverTails.

Tickets are available online, so start planning your spring trip.

Tusk Tulip Peak Farm website

Vankleek Hill Tulip Fields

Price: to be announced

Time: will be announced

Address: 199 Main Street E, Vankleek Hill,

Why you need to go: This stunning tulip field is a dreamy place for a day trip. Located an hour from Ottawa, this destination is spread over 3 acres and contains more than 300,000 lights in different colors.

According to the website, it is “an enchanting, family-friendly place to walk through rows and rows of brightly colored flowers.”

It’s just a short walk from the main street of Vankleek Hill where you can spend an afternoon enjoying the small town charm and visiting attractions such as the museum as well as restaurants and cafes.

Vankleek Hill Tulip Fields Location

Sarah Gray Peak Farm

Price: $20+ per adult

When: Scheduled to open on April 26, 2024

Address: 1415 Balfour Street, Fenwick, ON

Why you should go: You can try a new tulip farm this year. Sarah Gray Pick Farm has opened for the first time in the Niagara Region and is full of springtime beauty.

You can wander among more than a million flowers and snap some stunning photo ops, which include a colorful piano, 5-foot reflective balls, a swing, and light-up letters.

On weekends, the Flower Field will host a farmers market showcasing local goods and fresh produce.

Tickets for the experience are currently available online, and you can also purchase photographer’s tickets which give you exclusive access to the stadium during the magical ‘golden hour’ where you can take photos without the crowds.

Sarah Gray website


Price: $15 per person

When: Opening April 25, 2024

Address: 466 Windham Road. 12, Simcoe, ON

Why you need to go: Another new tulip experience is opening in Ontario. Berkelbloem is a select farm that takes you on an “unforgettable journey through vibrant tulip fields.”

There will be over 500,000 tulips to enjoy on a magical spring picnic. It’s only an hour and a half from Toronto, making it a convenient place for a day trip.

Tickets are available online and you can even pack a picnic to enjoy while taking in the views.

Birkelbloom website


Price: $9.95+ per adult

Time: will be announced

Title: Multiple locations

Why you need to go: Just a road trip from Ottawa, Quebec, Tulipes.ca features two magical sites each home to 600,000 multicolored tulips.

You can choose your own pastel bouquet and enjoy the spring sunshine as you stroll along the rows of gorgeous flowers.

Pets and food are welcome, so don’t forget to bring some snacks. Tickets will be available online soon, so stay tuned on the website.

Tulipes.ca website

From hand-picked fields to charming farms, these tulip experiences are worth checking out this spring.

Before you set off, check out our responsible travel guide so you can be informed, safe, smart, and most of all, respect your adventure.

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