Ecovacs GOAT G1 ​​- The robotic lawn mower that stands out from the rest

The Ecovacs GOAT G1 ​​is a new lawn mower from the company that perfected robotic vacuums and mops. Ecovacs’ advanced TrueMapping Multi-fusion localization system, intelligent path planning and obstacle avoidance uses innovative AIVI 3D and does not require wired boundaries.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to robot mowers is the need to install and maintain cord limits that limit where you can mow. As with robotic vacuum cleaners, it will map quickly using beacons — a standard lawn takes minutes, not hours. AIVI fisheye camera (for turf viewing and patrolling) and ToF sensor avoid obstacles for real unattended mowing.

Australia is one of the first markets in the world to launch GOAT G1. We have a strong outdoors culture, along with a large percentage of our backyards. Mowing is tedious, time consuming and labor intensive. It doesn’t have to be.

We know that Australians love their gardens, and many take great pride in keeping them clean. We also know that with just house cleaning, lawn maintenance can be a difficult and arduous task that many do not enjoy or sometimes cannot do themselves.
Karen Powell, Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand, ECOVACS ROBOTICS.


The Ecovacs GOAT G1 ​​replaces the confines of electronic wires with ultra-wideband (UWB) signal signals strategically placed around the edge of the lawn. The limits set by the application improve task efficiency by 80%.

In a 600 square meter garden, 2-4 beacons are placed before remote goats are commanded around the edge of the lawn via the app. A quick 20-minute operation keeps the robotic lawnmower in its intended mowing zone.

TrueMapping multi-fusion translation system

  • Dual cameras (panoramic and fisheye) realize new environmental information in real time.
  • UWB technology creates its own local area communications network via signals.
  • Industrial-grade gyroscope to ensure stable navigation in diverse outdoor environments.
  • High-precision GPS signal achieves centimeter-level positioning accuracy.

The AI-based land segmentation also distinguishes between turf and non-turf areas to ensure mowing right to the edge. When the battery gets low, it automatically goes to the charging station and picks up where it left off to charge.

Precise obstacle avoidance – great for unattended operation

Ecovacs GOAT G1 ​​uses unique AIVI 3D technology. This is powered by a 150° angle of view fisheye camera and ToF module to enable accurate and wide visual recognition and strategic obstacle avoidance. This is also supported by the industry-leading, self-developed ECOVACS algorithm.

It can easily avoid objects as small as 3-15cm in size, such as pets, hoses, and stones. For obstacles greater than 15 cm such as swings and trees, the ToF sensor accurately estimates the distance and avoids them from a closer distance to reduce uncut areas.

Smart garden maintenance and backyard security

The Ecovacs GOAT G1 ​​Compact 360° Camera doubles as a remote home security camera. It can send real-time notifications directly to the user’s smartphone. Detects static and dynamic human intrusion. The AI ​​fisheye zooms in for a closer, more comprehensive view.

Price and availability

The ECOVACS GOAT G1 ​​will be available starting September 21st at a price of $2,999.

From Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee, Robotics Specialist, Bunnings (online), Robot Lawn Mowers Australia, Amazon and ECOVACS online.

US location (updating to Australia soon)

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