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Ecovacs, the world’s leading robotics company, has announced the launch date of its first robotic lawn mower, the GOAT G1. This is the first time the company has expanded to the park, and it will be available on shelves starting September 21.

This device addresses the limitations of today’s robotic lawn mowers and has a range of powerful and smart features to deliver an exceptional mowing experience.

The GOAT G1 ​​was developed by utilizing Ecovacs’ 25 years of robotics experience to address a critical gap in the lawn mowing market, which contains technological advances in positioning, wireless boundary setting, navigation, obstacle avoidance and application interface, among others.

Australia will be one of the first markets in the world to launch this device, having previously launched in Germany, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the local market and Australian consumers. Ecovacs prioritized Australia due to its strong outdoor culture, and large number of backyards that require arduous, time-consuming and labor-intensive methods to keep tidy.

Karen Powell, Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand for Ecovacs Robotics, said: “We know that Australians love their gardens, and many take great pride in keeping them clean. We also know that from just cleaning the house, garden maintenance can be a difficult and arduous task that many do not enjoy.” Or sometimes they can’t do it themselves.

“Just as we did in the ground care and window cleaning space, we are bringing new robotic innovation to the Australian outdoors for the first time, with the GOAT G1 ​​exceeding the capabilities of existing robotic and manual lawnmowers by a significant margin. With its modern features and cutting-edge precision and safety technologies, the GOAT G1 ​​embodies Our commitment to simplify, add more convenience and save time in our daily lives.

“As demonstrated at GOAT G1, year after year ECOVACS delivers more advanced technologies and more diverse products than ever before, providing consumers with greater convenience thanks to home robots for both indoor and outdoor spaces,” said David Qian, Global CEO of Ecovacs Robotics. Use.The GOAT G1 ​​represents not only a breakthrough in lawn mowing technology, but also a breakthrough in the way we live our daily lives.

App Control 3 has scaled Ecovacs to launch Australia's first robotic lawn mower

The GOAT G1 ​​app makes it possible to change automated limit settings for labor-intensive tasks that would normally take hours of physical effort. Electronic wire boundaries have been replaced with ultra-wideband (UWB) beacon beacons placed around the edge of the lawn, allowing boundaries to be set within the application. This improves task efficiency by 80%.

While UWB beacons lay the foundation, the GOAT G1 ​​combines four different localization technologies to ensure efficient path planning and accurate operation.

Current technologies typically involve GPS location, or RTK, which is designed for large areas, however, can be blocked by walls or trees.

Visual-only techniques allow for easier installation but have lower positioning accuracy.

The TrueMapping Multi-Fusion localization system is Ecovacs’ answer to this problem. Combining innovations including dual cameras (panoramic and fisheye), UWB technology, artificial gyroscope, and high-precision GPS signal transmission.

AI-based ground segmentation distinguishes between grass and non-grass areas ensuring precise mowing, and if the GOAT G1’s battery is low, it automatically switches to a charging station and picks up where it left off.

Product Show 5 Ecovacs to launch Australia's first robotic lawnmower

This machine can mow a standard lawn of 600 square meters in one day, improving efficiency by 2.5 times compared to other robotic lawn mowers.

One of the big concerns with these devices is obstacle avoidance, and the GOAT G1 ​​addresses this with AIVI 3D technology, powered by a 150-degree fisheye camera and ToF module, for precise visual recognition and obstacle avoidance. It’s also back with its self-developed Ecovacs algorithm.

This device can avoid small objects up to 3-15cm in size including pets, hoses and stones. For objects longer than 15cm, the ToF sensor accurately estimates the distance to avoid them from a closer distance, reducing untreated grass.

The 360-degree camera acts as a remote home security camera and sends real-time notifications directly to the smartphone. The GOAT G1 ​​can be dispatched remotely to perform multi-point guarding. This is where you visit up to 10 guard points that can be added manually on the app.

The panoramic camera can provide a 360-degree view of the area surrounding the lawn mower, displaying a wide range of viewpoints for static and dynamic human detection.

AIVI 3D 2 has scaled Ecovacs to launch Australia's first robotic lawnmower

When the human detection feature is turned on in the app, the device will automatically capture the location of the human figure, mark it on the map and send it to the app. The AI-based fisheye camera also allows the user to zoom in on the image.

The TÜV Rheinland data protection certification of GOAT G1 ​​ensures that personal data and information are secure.

The Ecovacs GOAT G1 ​​will be available from September 21, at a suggested retail price (RRP) of AU$2,999 from retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Robot Specialist, Bunnings (online), Robot Lawn Mowers Australia, Amazon and Ecovacs Online.

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