Eddie Joe Slivka Obituary

Eddie Joe Slivka

September 27, 1969 – September 5, 2023

Eddie Jo Slifka died doing what she loved most: riding her pig. Edie was a mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, sister and so much more to her friends and family. She was the life of the party, and when she showed up, she made sure everyone participated and felt included. Her smile will light up the room. She can find the smallest things to bring out the best in a person. We will remember her as a fighter, a lover, a leader, and the foundation that held so many things together in our lives. Her love for motorcycles and the Stilettos on Steel Female Riding Group was second only to her family. If she wasn’t on the bike, she was probably on the bleachers shaking her legs or screaming from the bottom of her boundless heart. There was a reason no one sat next to her during the events…

I embraced challenges every day. The easy path was never an option to take in her book. Her true love was her family. Her husband Keith, son Hunter, and daughter Whitney may have been as independent and strong-willed as she was, but they loved each other unconditionally. She was a rock and assistant coach to Keith. People may have thought that Keith was the real coach, but in reality, she was the one who got him moving. Edie loved afternoon walks, park visits, and puppy time with her granddaughter, Mallory, “Little Bug.” She and her siblings Jill, Carrie, and Matt weren’t always on bad terms, especially when they were all together. Whether it was garnishing the chicken, sprinkling spices on the ceiling, or hiding candy away at night, it was always her fault as the eldest. Often, Edie was referred to by her mother’s name, Hattie. The two were inseparable and were very similar in many ways. If there was a feta eating contest, they would win the cup.

Her spirit will ride as she looks at us day after day. Sure enough, she’s flying free on her Harley Apollo, with the wind blowing in her face, a tight headband, and an ear-to-ear smile, choking down the bike’s “ba-ba-ba-ba” roar to serenade her. At the end of this chapter, she reunites with her father, goes to Cher’s, enjoys a cold drink and looks at all of us, as she does every day to bring out the best in us.

Edie is survived by her husband Keith Slifka, son Hunter (Heather) Slifka, daughter Whitney Slifka, granddaughter Mallory Slifka, mother Hattie (Fred Webb) Byrd, sister Carolyn (Paul) Byrd-Forrestal, sister Jill Byrd, and brother Matthew (Shelley). Bird.

She was predeceased by her father, David Beard, and her parents-in-law, Kenneth and Mary (Martin) Slifka.

Funeral services for Eddie are currently suspended. Please check back for service times.

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