Empowering prosperity in the world of DeFi, announces the launch of the second version of Everest Casino

Experience the future of decentralized gaming with a full DeFi casino, multiple cryptocurrency deposits, and $GGH token withdrawals

Green Grass Hopper (GGH), a leading cryptocurrency dedicated to promoting financial prosperity, is making big strides in the world of decentralized finance. Building on its core mission of empowering owners, $GGH is pleased to unveil the second version of the highly anticipated Everest Casino, which is scheduled to launch on September 16, 2023.

Empowering prosperity through innovative token economies

Green Grass Hopper (GGH) has proven itself as a transformative force in the cryptocurrency scene. This innovative token prioritizes the creation of utility and wealth from day one, featuring a total supply of 10 million tokens and a pioneering buyback and burn mechanism. With each sale, 4% is allocated to the circulating supply on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and burned, resulting in positive chart transactions and increased demand.

Elevate your gaming experience with Everest Casino v2

Everest Casino v2 represents a watershed moment in the world of decentralized gaming. This comprehensive DeFi casino offers a diverse library of 24 games tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of players. From card games to video poker, roulette, slot machines, wheels of fortune, horse racing and raffles, Everest Casino v2 promises entertainment and rewards for everyone.

Diverse cryptocurrency deposits for inclusivity

To enhance accessibility, Everest Casino Version 2 allows players to deposit funds using a range of cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BNB, USDT, DOGE, and more. This flexibility ensures that players can participate using their favorite digital assets, democratizing the gaming experience.

New look, improved gameplay, innovative rules

The updated interface, expanded game selection and innovative rule sets define Everest Casino v2’s commitment to elevating the player experience. Players can expect an engaging and immersive environment designed to enhance overall gameplay.

Accessibility for all with $GGH token withdrawals

The standout feature of Everest Casino v2 is its dedication to inclusivity. There is no minimum deposit, making it accessible to players of all backgrounds. Furthermore, all casino withdrawals will be facilitated with $GGH tokens, enhancing the utility and value of $GGH within the Archie MetaVerse ecosystem.

Join the $GGH community on the road to prosperity

Green Grass Hopper ($GGH) is committed to creating wealth, prosperity, and enlightenment within a secure DeFi environment. The imminent launch of Everest Casino v2 marks a pivotal moment, offering crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to play, win and reap the benefits of GGH tokens.

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