Expert tips for pruning |

Expert tips for pruning |

Trumpet vines, also known as Campsis, are hardy vines that dazzle with bright orange and red trumpet-shaped flowers from mid-summer through fall.

They are fast-growing climbing plants that are native to the United States and require regular pruning to keep them well-maintained and performing at their best. Failure to prune regularly can cause plants to grow out of control and even damage fences, decks or structures due to their aggressive growth habit.

Although pruning may seem daunting, it can be relatively easy to complete and trumpet vines can even be pruned back aggressively without killing them. To help you feel confident about pruning trumpet vine in your backyard, we take a closer look at when and how to prune and get some tips from plant experts.

Trumpet vines can grow up to 30 feet per year – making pruning an essential task

(Image source: Getty Images/Photos from Japan, Asia and other countries of the world)

Is trumpet vine pruning important?

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