Expert Tips on How to Properly Winterize Your Lawn Mower |

Expert Tips on How to Properly Winterize Your Lawn Mower |

Lawn mowers are an important part of people’s garden maintenance during the summer. These machines are used less frequently during the fall months and should therefore be stored away properly for the winter after their last use of the year.

Taking good care of your lawnmower keeps it in good working order and means it will have a long life. Failure to properly winterize your lawn mower may result in it not working properly when you try to start it again.

Whether it’s a lawn mower or a riding mower, there are several key areas that need to be addressed to properly store it for the winter. We hear from lawn care experts about how and when to winterize your mower, plus six key steps to follow.

Store lawn mowers in a dry, protected location for the winter

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Is winterizing a lawn mower important?

After a summer of mowing grass lines in your lawn, it can be easy to simply put the mower away after use without worrying about it. However, this can lead to problems when it comes to mowing the lawn again in the spring, as neglecting to winterize the mower can cause problems for the engine and reduce its lifespan. Preparing your lawn mower for winter storage means it comes out again in good condition and ready to start cutting grass again.

Lawn mower used to cut grass

Lawn mowers see a lot of traffic during the year

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When to winter the lawn mower

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