Expert tips to complete the task |

Expert tips to complete the task |

Q: I have a clematis in my backyard that blooms prolifically in early summer, and in recent years I have often wondered if I should go out and remove it regularly. What is best for this?

A: Jasmine is a very popular climber, and some varieties can be encouraged to set a second batch of flowers by killing off the early blooms. There is a wide range of jasmine plants that can grow and they can fill a space with color and scent, while their fast growth speed can make them ideal for covering fences, arches or trellises.

When growing clematis, it is important to know which of the three groups is right for you. Their traits will dictate some important factors when it comes to how you care for the plant, including when and how to idle them. In particular, the large early flowering variety (two types of clematis) can give you a second set of flowers by deadheading.

Plant clematis to encourage more flowers

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Should you deadhead clematis?

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