Winner of the Cannes Jury Prize by Aki Kaurismäki He fell Leaves And Nuri Bilge Ceylan About dry herbs Starring the winner of the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival Murphy Dizdar Both submissions to this year’s Oscars – Among the international films participating in the upcoming 59th Chicago International Film Festival (October 11-22).

Alice Rohrwacher the Illusion And Cléber Mendonça Filho Ghost pictures There are two other selections from Cannes to feature on the list, while Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Evil does not exist And Lina Salem Goodbye Tiberius Both were fired into the gun.

While announcing on Thursday (September 14) the selections vying for a Gold Hugo Award in the competitive International Feature, Documentary and New Director sections, top brass at North America’s longest-running competitive film festival revealed 16 North American premieres and 10 U.S. premieres .

Several returning competing filmmakers have previously won awards at the festival, including Hamaguchi, Kaurismaki, Eric Gandini, Tatiana Huizo, and Rohrwacher.

The honorees Close (2022), Driving my car (2021), and The worst person in the world (2021) were all nominated for Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards.

The New Directors Competition slate includes the North American premieres of Amr Gamal’s Berlin-selection film BurdenedEnter Lucy Kerr Locarno Family pictureAnd Noura Al-Hourash‘s Quarrel World premiere the brothers (HLM pussy).

As previously announced, TIFF’s Minhal Baig will have its world premiere We have grown now And Jeff Nichols the Cyclists Book the festival. The full list will be announced on September 18.

International Film Competition

About dry herbs (tur-fr-ger-soy)
monastery. Nuri Bilge Ceylan

All dirt roads taste of salt (United States of America)
monastery. Raven Jackson

black box (lime)
monastery. Asli Ozge
Premiere in North America

No chimera (Italy-father-sweets)
You. Alice Rohrwacher

Delinquents (Argentina)
To say. Rodrigo Moreno

Don’t expect much from Apocalypse (ROM)
monastery. Radu Jude

Evil does not exist (Japan)
Director Ryosuke Hamaguchi

Explanation of everything (she)
monastery. Gabor Reesz
Premiere in North America

Fallen leaves (fin)
monastery. Aki Kaurismäki

Good day (no)
monastery. Hisham Zaman
Premiere in the United States

Holly (bil-neith-lux-Fr)
You. Where are you going?
Premiere in North America

Only the river flows (chi)
Wei Shojun Monastery
Premiere in the United States

Heaven is burning (Sweden)
Director Mika Gustafsson
Premiere in North America

The theory of everything (gear off)
Dear Tim Kruger
Premiere in North America

Totem (Mexico-Den-Friday)
To say. Leila Aviles

New managers competition

Panel and Adam (Friday-Sen times)
monastery. Ramata Tolay SY
Premiere in the United States

The battle (bra)
Director: Vera Misr
International premiere

the bride (narrated)
Miriam U Birara Monastery
Premiere in the United States

Burdened (yum-south-saud)
Dir. Amr Gamal
Premiere in North America

Family picture (United States of America)
monastery. Lucy Kerr
Premiere in North America

Dream of fire (Mexico)
To say. Jose Pablo Escamilla
Premiere in North America

Above all at night (cursing)
To say. Victor Iriarte
Premiere in North America

Goodbye Julia (black-a-ger-father-saud-sui)
Dir. Mohamed Kordofani
Premiere in the United States

hypnosis (Sweden)
You. Ernst Geyer
Premiere in North America

The lost country (Serbian)
monastery. Vladimir Perisic
Premiere in North America

the brothers (HLM pussythe father)
Director, Noura Al-Hoursh
Premiere in the United States

isolation (ice)
monastery. Nina Palmadottir
Premiere in the United States

Sweet dream (Nate)
monastery. Inna Sindijarevic
Premiere in the United States

During the night (Bill Far Can)
monastery. Delphine Gerard
Premiere in North America

International Documentary Competition

After work (su-ee-nor)
monastery. Eric Gandini
Premiere in North America

The strange island (Chilean)
Cristobal Valenzuela Monastery
Premiere in North America

Because we have each other (Australia)
monastery. Sari Braithwaite
Premiere in North America

Goodbye Tiberius (father-balqt-pal)
Dir. Lina Soualem
Premiere in the United States

echo (Mexico)
You. Tatiana Huizo

Four girls (Fri-Ton)
Director Kawthar Ben Hania
Premiere in North America

In the rearview (Paul-France-Ukraine)
monastery. Maciek Hamela
we the first show

ghost pictures (bra)
Director Kleber Mendonça Filho.

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