Farm work is low-stress and high-meaning

Farm work is low-stress and high-meaning

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Watters Garden Center brings high-meaning jobs to Prescott, Arizona!

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Agriculture comes to the fore in terms of outdoor activity in a low-stress environment. Specifically, working with trees, according to an article this week from the Washington Post’s Data section, by Andrew Van Dam, titled “The Happiest, Least Stressful, Most Important Jobs in America.”

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Garden centers were significantly higher than hotels, restaurants, medical centers and manufacturing. “After 30 years of doing the same job, I look forward to the start of every week,” says Ken Lane, owner of Waters Garden Center. “Working in a nursery is exciting and rewarding, and the gardeners are just fun people to help out with.”

It’s all about timing. January and February are open windows for those who want to join the agribusiness team. Agriculture and garden centers are special places where employees put down roots.

“More team members retire from their jobs than team members leave for new ones,” says Mackenzie Lane, general manager at Waters Garden Center. “Even our seasonal employees, who only work during the growing season, average more than 5 years of service. They take the winter off and look forward to joining the team in the spring,” says Ms. Lin. Don’t delay if you want to work in a happy place. And rewarding.Working at a garden center is a time crunch, and they are hiring now.

Join one of the happiest teams in town

For 61 years, Watters Garden Center has grown its brand around fun, positivity, community and giving. The Watters team reaches beyond the world of gardening to touch the lives of employees, customers and our community. We pride ourselves on customer service, high-quality factories, creative displays, fun events, and a healthy work culture. Our committed, passionate and hardworking leaders ensure a true horticultural experience.

You can now be part of the Watters Garden Center team as Watters is hiring for many positions!

  • Retail Department Manager – In-Store
  • Customer garden care and cashier
  • Retail Department Manager – Annual and Perennial
  • Garden Center factory sales
  • Maintenance of dock delivery plants

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For more information or to apply to different positions, visit

Watters Garden Center is a locally owned and operated garden center that specializes in providing enthusiastic and novice gardeners alike with the experience and products needed to grow things in the mountains of Arizona.

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