Find the perfect plants and shrubs for shade

PARIS, Maine — Sun-loving perennials and shrubs get all the attention, but don’t turn your nose up at their equally beautiful companions who crave shade.

Gardening with Jutner went to South Paris, Maine, to see what Young’s Greenhouse owner, Ben Young, had for suggestions for filling that shade garden.

“You’re limited to what you can buy for your shade, but don’t feel like it’s impossible. There’s a lot out there,” Young said.

Starting with coral bells, Young showed all the different colors the plant comes in. The different colors of foliage create interest in a shade garden.

“You always have that color. That’s a beautiful part and the beautiful part about it…you can go big,” Young said, showing size examples of a one-year plant compared to a multi-year plant. He warned against landscaping gardens in a way that allows for this growth.

Credit: NCM

Coral bells

Credit: NCM

Coral bells

The two mainstays of shade gardening are astilbes and hostas.

“Your astilbes give you a nice feathery plume. They come in all colors and get quite big too,” the greenhouse owner revealed. “Everyone has families, but the nice thing about this is that even in the winter, you can have them right next to your driveways. If you have snowplows and stuff, they just go away. So you won’t hurt them. You won’t hurt them.” Don’t harm them.”

Credit: NCM


Credit: NCM


Creeps provide ground cover, keep out weeds, and are economical because they return every year. The more reptiles you have, the less mulch you will need. For shade, Young suggested ajuga, or trumpet weed, pachysandra, and vinca vine.

Credit: NCM

With the brain – bug weed

There are some beautiful shade-loving shrubs. Young suggested rhododendrons and hydrangeas as well as boxwoods.

“The advantage to this is that a lot of people like it because it keeps green all winter long and provides a nice border,” Young said. “The nice thing about boxwood is that you can shape it and it won’t overpower your walkways. It’s easy to prune.”

Credit: NCM


Credit: NCM


One of the most popular shrubs in the shade is hydrangea.

“It comes in all colors. It’s one of your best shrubs for shade. It likes a little sun but does well in shade,” the greenhouse owner commented. “They’ll keep thriving, oh endless summers. All you have to do is kill them off a little.”

Credit: NCM


So don’t let this shade garden scare you. There are many beautiful plants and shrubs that will fill you with beautiful flowers and foliage.

the plants:


  • Ajuga – trumpet herb
  • Pachisandra
  • Winka comes
  • Bushes:
  • Rhododendron
  • boxwood
  • Hydrangea

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