Firmenich and Jungle create a sustainable lily of the valley extract

Firmenich and Jungle create a sustainable lily of the valley extract

Lily of the valley is known in the perfume industry as one of the most famous “silent flowers”. A flower gives no essenceTherefore, using it in perfume composition is very difficult, if not impossible. To create the first ever sustainable commercial extract sourced from lily of the valley, Firmenich relied on Patented Firgood extraction technologywhich uses water contained in plant cells: once heated by electromagnetic vibrations, the water carries the aroma components, to obtain the final pure extract.

World premiere

Muguet Firgood was developed for the luxury fragrance market through a collaboration with French startup Jungle, which specializes in vertical farming, a technology that allows crops to be grown in vertically stacked layers to reduce land and water use.

According to Fermenich, Muguet Firgood is a 100% pure and natural ingredient With new and original notes that have never been obtained before. “It is the first time in the history of perfumery that an extract from this flower has been captured through a safe and sustainable process, providing a completely new olfactory profile with real undertones,“The company said in a statement.

Low environmental impact

Firgood technology requires no solvent. Dry biomass only needs water wetting, and the entire extraction process requires only low energy consumption and generates clean waste that can be easily recycled. Combined with Jungle’s unique capabilities in vertical farming, allowing the creation of clean and highly efficient farms, this technology provides high yields with a very low environmental impact.

Our strategic partnership and combined expertise with Jungle in sustainable technologies now allows our perfumers to capture the true natural scent of this wonderful flower and harness it for the benefit of our customers and consumers.said Julian Fermenich, Vice President of Product Strategy and Merchandising. “Muguet Firgood is a truly rare and precious ingredient.

Firmenich will market Muguet Firgood as A captive item intended for the luxury fragrance market. It thus complements the exclusive range of natural ingredients available to the company’s perfumers.

By combining their expertise, the partnership between Firmenich and Jungle should shape new sustainable natural ingredients for the fragrance market.

This project with Firmenich has strengthened our protocols and experience in growing plants in our vertical farms, in order to enhance their biological activity,confirmed Gilles Dreyfus, President and Co-Founder of Jungle.We are now well placed to support the cosmetic and nutraceutical industries by providing safe, local and reproducible plant extracts.

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