Five signs that your neighbor is a prostitute and how the gravel on his driveway is the biggest giveaway

Five signs that your neighbor is a prostitute and how the gravel on his driveway is the biggest giveaway

They're the people you live near…but how well do you really know your neighbors?

If they're anything like the characters in Channel 4's latest drama The Couple Next Door, which features plenty of sex and swinging, then they're definitely hiding a secret or two.

Danny from The Couple Next Door and his wife Becca are in an open relationshipCredit: PA
The Couple Next Door is a new Channel 4 drama, which features a whole host of drama and raunchy stories, including partner swapping.Credit: Channel 4

At the start of the new six-part series, married couple Evie and Pete move to an idyllic suburban neighbourhood, and soon befriend the couple who live next door, traffic cop Danny, and his yoga teacher wife, Becca – who turn out to be a mess. open relationship.

The pair gradually become intertwined, as Evie begins an affair with Danny, with the series described as a “dark and delicious psychological drama, exploring suburban claustrophobia and the ramifications of chasing your deepest desires.”

If this piques your interest and makes you wonder who your neighbors are really like behind closed doors and if they are hiding any salacious secrets, then there may already be some signs.

From the cobblestone driveway to the fruit hammers, here's what to look for if you think they might be living a double life.

And who knows… you might be unintentionally sending signals that you're looking to spice up your marriage too…

Hard rocks

Do you have white rocks in your garden? You may be unintentionally sending a very nasty signalCredit: Getty

Do you think those white rocks in your driveway give your home an air of sophistication? Maybe it suggests more than you think.

According to Urban Dictionary, if you are proposed to by a mutual couple, this may be referred to as being “white-rocked.”

This comes from the urban legend that says that a house with ornate white rocks on the front lawn indicates that swingers live there.

This suggestion was also supported by Cooper S. Beckett, who hosts Life On The Swingset: The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast.

“Some have placed white rocks in their front yards to emphasize their status as a secret code trans person,” he says on his blog.

The grass is greener?

Pampas grass was considered a calling card in the past for those who enjoyed swingingCredit: Getty

Pampas grass was once a common shrub, bringing an exotic feel to front gardens across the country.

But the unfortunate association with swinging soon put an end to that, according to The Telegraph, as keen gardeners became too embarrassed to buy the plant.

In fact, sales actually plummeted after it was revealed that it was a secret signal to passers-by that the owners were swing enthusiasts.

Broadcaster Mariela Frostrup once said she unwittingly identified herself as a prostitute by planting grass outside her home, saying she was inundated with unwanted enquiries.

Danny and Evie embark on a steamy affair in The Couple Next DoorCredit: Channel 4

She wrote on X – formerly known as Twitter – in 2011: “Who knew pampas grass plants were a reference to fellow swingers?

“I bought two and put them on my balcony. The neighbors were swarming!”

Handle guide

Does your neighbor's “crooked” doorknob reveal something about his sexual preferences?Credit: Getty

You might think that a 'weird' door knocker is just a bit of fun, but if your neighbor has chosen a pineapple-shaped design, it could be a very revealing clue about what's going on behind closed doors.

According to alternative lifestyle site Bigger Love, it's a secret code that signifies residents are swingers — especially if they're upside down.

In fact, it's probably not so secret — on TikTok, the hashtag #UpsideDownPineapple has more than 149 million views.

This symbol is especially important if you are in the supermarket, as well as on cruises.

It can also be worn as a pattern on a dress or shirt as a hidden message to those in the know.

Mind your gnome's business

They may all seem cute and innocent, but don't let that fool youCredit: Getty

They may look cute and innocent, but it turns out that “weird” garden statues like gnomes and flamingos can also indicate there's a swinger in the middle.

It's a fact about which a real estate agent previously wrote: “It turns out that homeowners keep gnomes in the front lawn as an indicator.

A flamingo statue in the front lawn can brighten up the garden…and liven things up in the bedroomCredit: Getty

“My client searched online to see if this was a joke or real, and sure enough there was a website with information about it.”

Flamingos are another sign, and they seem to be the most commonly used in caravan parks.

Hot tubs

It's all fun and games in the hot tub, until someone takes it a step furtherCredit: Getty

A hot tub is a great way to relax after a long, hard day at work or to catch up with friends – but it may also indicate that you're looking for more “raucous” fun, too.

In response to a poster on Mumsnet asking if having a hot tub in the garden is a good idea, one knowledgeable reader replied: “People will think you're a bitch – hot tubs are the new pampas grass you know.”

With that in mind, maybe you should think twice before jumping into the adjacent bathtub…

The Couple Next Door is a suburban thriller complete with swinging, espionage, and secretCredit: Channel 4

(Marks for translation) Swinging

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