Floral centerpiece for dining table

Floral centerpiece for dining table

Having a huge Christmas gathering and dinner at your place? Whether it's for friends, family or colleagues, fill your dining room with festive cheer with this gorgeous Christmas table centrepiece.

Most floral centerpieces for your Christmas dining table can last for two weeks if you give them proper care. So, don't be shy to ask your florist how they take care of your arrangements!
If you have a 1.8m or larger dining table, you may need to place your Christmas table centerpiece order already as it may take longer to assemble. You may also be able to make adjustments to the design if you reserve your Christmas piece early enough.

6pcs Christmas Flower Centerpiece (2023 price)

Here, a mix of real and artificial Christmas table flowers that will suit standard HDB or apartment dining tables. Next, click here to scroll to the bottom of this article for some DIY Christmas flower centerpiece ideas.

Humid House Micro BB Dry Triplet, $190

For an all-white kitchen and dining table, it's probably easier to choose a Christmas Winter Wonderland-themed decor this holiday season. Humid House's Copper, Egg, Mustard and Malt Micro BB Triplet Arrangement might be the fuss-free centerpiece for you.

You'll receive three 12cm high slim brass vases (they're said to be 100% brass and heavy) plus seasonal potpourri, so inquire with Humid House in advance!

The Humid House Micro BB Triplet is available for $190.

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The Wonderland Botanicals Christmas Table Runner flower arrangement ranges in price from $250 to $360

Wonderland Botanicals Christmas Runner, $250-$360

For something a little more traditional red, green and festive, here's a Christmas dining tablecloth from Wonderland Botanicals ($240 for a table for four). The colors are rich and full but well balanced and perfect for those looking for a light touch of traditional festive cheer.

In this table runner, you will get:

  • Anthurium anouk red
  • Alex berries
  • Fresh pine leaves

The Wonderland Botanicals Christmas tablecloth is priced at $250 (for a table of four) and $360 (for a table of six).

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Christmas Table Centerpiece: 5 Stunning Flower Arrangements for Your Dining Table (Mini Flor Image)

Small Fleur Christmas Table Wreath, $225

A popular Christmas table centerpiece in Singapore is the Christmas table wreath. These small Christmas table garlands are 40cm in diameter, more suitable for round dining tables and small apartments in Singapore.

They are, by no means, cheaper than Christmas tablecloths. Priced at $225, this Christmas wreath centerpiece from Petite Fleur will provide you with:

  • Pink rose or
  • Green, nuts, pine nuts, dried fruits
  • The juicer
  • Candle in the middle
  • free delivery

The Christmas table wreath is available at Petite Fleur for $225.

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Christmas table centerpiece: 5 stunning flower arrangements for your dining table (Photo Fleuriste)

Fleuriste Christmas Candle Ring, $115

We can already smell this new Christmas table wreath from Fleuriste from our offices!

This Christmas wreath table centerpiece falls on the smaller end of the spectrum at 30cm or 40cm in diameter.

You'll get an aromatic blend of fresh fir, pine cones, cotton flowers, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and eucalyptus – the perfect Christmas scent to fill any home.

Fleuriste's Cozy Christmas Candle Ring is available for $115.

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Luxurious Christmas table flower arrangement from Far East Flora

Far East Flora Christmas Table Flowers, $194.29

Would you rather go home or go home? Here is a gorgeous and impressive Christmas dining table centerpiece that will dominate your dining room.

For $194, you will receive a stunning Christmas centerpiece measuring 65cm long x 35cm high. In this extra large dining table centerpiece, there will be 20 red roses, leaves and festive decorations.

Oh yes, the three candles you see will come with the table runner too – easy and hassle-free for those who don't have time to shop for Christmas decor.

Christmas table flowers are $194.29 from Far East Flora.

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Christmas centerpiece with 3 candle holders

Small Artificial Christmas Candle Table Centerpiece, $159

Finally, here's a faux Christmas table centerpiece suitable for rectangular dining tables.

For $159, you get a black iron base measuring approximately 34cm x 10cm x 20cm with three candle holders. The space under the candles will be filled with five bunches of berries, pine cones and pine needles. This is great if you prefer to reduce, reuse and recycle.

It definitely looks safer than the rest of the table pieces above since the candles in this set are actually raised apart from the plastic decorations.

The artificial Christmas table centerpiece is priced at $159.19 and is available on Amazon Singapore.

Christmas Table Centerpiece: 7 Stunning Flower Arrangements for Your Dining Table (Pexels Elina Fairytale Photos)

DIY ideas for Christmas table

If you're thinking about making the centerpiece for your Christmas dining table, consider using frosty, winter green foliage and air plants which may be easier for you to maintain (since they dry in a nice, pale color palette).

This way, you can skip the bright pinks that can be a headache to pair and style.

Some foliage you can use throughout the year include:

  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Nuts
  • Air plants such as xerographica, tillandsia
  • Branches
  • Glass cups (for small arrangements)
  • Glass vases (for centerpiece arrangement)

You can also place one sprig of eucalyptus on each dinner plate as a place setting for your guests.

Water in moderation

To extend the life of your Christmas centerpiece, place your mini air plant arrangements in a sunlit area and mist water sparingly. The air plants in the centerpiece can continue to mature after Christmas.

However, when it comes to the main eucalyptus cutting, place it in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

This way, it can last up to six months in our local climate. Some shedding may occur, as these are all natural materials, but the arrangements will retain their shape and hold up well throughout the festive period.

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