Floret Flowers unveils inaugural collection of farm-grown seeds, ‘Floret Originals’

Floret Flowers unveils inaugural collection of farm-grown seeds, ‘Floret Originals’

Erin Benzakian, the visionary behind Floret Flowers, a family-owned flower and seed farm located in Washington’s Skagit Valley, has unveiled her inaugural collection of farm-grown seeds, called Floret Originals. These unique varieties, previously not available to the public and not cultivated anywhere else on the planet, are the fruits of Benzkin’s specialty in breeding new varieties of cut flowers for gardeners, growers and designers.

Origins of Fluorite

Benzakien’s creative acumen has left an indelible mark on flower growers and gardeners in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The new seed varieties, including premium varieties of zinnias, celosias, and dahlias, are all open-pollinated. This means that they are naturally fertilized by bees, birds and even the elements, producing seeds that produce similar plants the following year.

A thriving legacy

Floret Flowers, a family farm and floral design studio located in the Skagit Valley, outside Seattle, Washington, has been instrumental in handcrafted, organic arrangements for special occasions. Their recent collaboration with Martha Stewart’s Bedford Farm in New York has seen the new seed varieties grown by master gardener Ryan McAllister. Fleurette’s commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a place among the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Award winners.

Fluorite future

As Floret Flowers continues to redefine the floral landscape, its foray into farm-grown seeds signals a new chapter in its thriving heritage. Introducing Floret Originals not only expands its product range, but also underscores its dedication to sustainable farming practices and fostering a global community of flower enthusiasts.

With every seed planted, Fluorite Flowers continues to nurture more than just plants; They cultivate a world where beauty flourishes naturally, and where the dance between humanity and nature thrives. As these unique varieties find their way into gardens around the world, they bring with them the promise of a vibrant future, painted in the colors of zinnias, celosias and dahlias.

In this ever-evolving tapestry of floral art, Erin Benzkin and her team at Floret Flowers remain steadfast in their mission: spreading joy through flowers, one seed at a time. As these seeds take root and blossom into full bloom, they stand testament to the transformative power of nature, fueled by human ingenuity and passion.

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