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Flourish Plant Market, a business that sells plants and helps customers choose the right plant for their home and current light conditions, opened last October in downtown Kent.

Alicia Hall, owner of Flourish Plant Market, helps new and experienced folks using her breadth of knowledge to find the perfect plant companion for clients.

“I definitely get to know the person a little bit, ask them a lot of questions. I really want to talk to them and what they have time for and what light is in their environment to really work,” she said. Find out what works best for them.”

Hall’s childhood included a love of plants, which turned into a business during the 2020 pandemic.

“It started out just online,” Hall said. “I was doing local deliveries, and when things started opening up again, we started doing pop-ups.”

“Having done pop-ups for a few years before opening this location, we kind of understood our customer base a little bit, and eventually we found this space, and it was meant to be. I had been looking at Kent, so this was perfect.”

Rich Greene, a customer, has been shopping at Flourish for more than four months now, and said the company’s expertise and service stand out among other similar businesses.

“I’m an old-school-minded person, and as much as I love the Internet and know how to use it to find all kinds of answers to anything plant-related, I value the personal experience and conversation,” Green said.

A wide range of plants are sold at the Flourish Plant Market. (Patrick Creedon)

“When I walk into a plant store, there are a million plant stores — you can go to Lowe’s, you can go to Walmart, you can go anywhere to find a plant. For me, it’s about the experience, and what has kept me coming back to her and her work so many times now is that experience.”

Distinguished in this way from department stores or large retail establishments, the market takes pride in providing all necessary steps to ensure that each plant sold thrives in its new home.

They provide QR codes on their plants in the store.

“Every plant I sell I try to put QR codes on all of them,” she said. “QR codes will take them directly to the website where the care for that plant ‘lives.’ I keep all the plants there as a kind of database of information, so if someone has had a plant for a couple of years, they can scan it and then always have something to fall back on.”

For more information about Flourish Plant Market, including an upcoming moss art workshop, visit their site website Or visit their location at 113 S. Water St. In Kent city centre.

“We do everything we can so we know you’ll go home with a happy, healthy plant. I really want people to succeed,” Hall said.

Patrick Creedon is a journalist from the United Kingdom. You can contact him at (email protected).

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