Flower arrangements to say FU for February

Flower arrangements to say FU for February

This is just a lovely post featuring beautiful flowers that I grew in warm weather and sunshine in my garden last year. Take that February, you miserable, miserable month.

Toward the end of last summer, when the flowers were blooming faster than a teenage girl at a Bon Jovi concert (how is that an incredibly modern reference?), I decided to start taking photos of all the arrangements.

This summer, when I’m smarter and more organized, as I always will be in the future, I’ll try to start this project a little earlier in the season so it’s not all dahlia arrangements.

I welcome you into February with these 18 arrangements that will help us stick to the month of waxy chocolate and lace lingerie.

There is not a single red rose in the bouquet.

Mixed flowers In a silver jug

Universe ~Lemon juice with apricot
Celosia – Celosia wheat (formerly flamingo feather)
sunflower ~Unknown diverse talent
Dahlias ~ Alfred C., Hamilton Lillian, Sweet Natalie, Cornell Bronze, Black Satin, Rock Star

Dahlias and Cosmos In a white vase

Universe ~Lemon juice with apricot
Dahlias ~ Alfred C., Rockstar, Cornell Bronze, Hamilton Lillian, La Mode

Mixed flowers In a jar of tomatoes

Celosia ~Crested cock’s crest, Celosia wheat (flamingo feather)
amaranth ~ Hot biscuits
Dahlia ~ Aurora Wanda, Cornell Bronze, AC Paint, Alpen Cherub
Universe ~Lemon juice with apricot

Dahlias and marigolds In a copper vase

amaranth ~ Hot biscuits
Dahlias – Alfred C., CafĂ© au Lait, Cornell Bruns, Wanda Aurora

Mixed package In a dahlia vase

Snapdragon ~ Doubleshot Orange
Dahlia ~ Rockstar, Cornell Bronze, Yvonne, A La Mode, Unknown (pink)
Sweet peas – White perennial

Floating dahlias In a silver serving bowl

Mode(x2), Lillian Hamilton, Jess Lane

Mixed order In Oh Flora Cove Vase

Dahlias ~ A La Mode, Yvonne, Cornell Bronze, Dollarama Black, Black Satin, Rockstar
Sunflower – Unknown talented group (I liked them so much I saved the seeds for this year)
Universe ~Lemon juice with apricot
Celosia – Celosia wheat (formerly flamingo feather)

Mixed package In a tall white vase

Dahlias ~ Alfred C., Rockstar, A La Mode, Cornell Bruns, A. C. Paint, Wanda Aurora
Universe ~Lemon juice with apricot
amaranth ~ Hot biscuits
Celosia – Celosia wheat

The universe and the dahlia In a small vase

Universe ~Lemon juice with apricot
Dahlia ~Alpine Cherub

Mixed order Polygonal vase

Dahlias ~ Alfred C., La Mode, Albin Scherup, Cornell Bruns
sunflower ~Unknown category
amaranth ~ Hot biscuits, opopio
tomatoes ~Candyland, unknown yellow variety
Queen Anne lace
Green carrots

Mixed order In a white oval vase

Dahlia ~ AC coating
Universe – Lemon juice with apricot
Celosia – Wheat celosia (pink, red, yellow)

Dahlia arrangement In a glass vase

Dahlias ~ Rock Star, Black Satin, A La Mode, AC Paint, Alpen Cherub

Hydrangea, snapdragon, apple, sweet pea

Peony and sage In a black vase

Peony ~ Purple (unknown cultivar), pale pink (Shirley Temple)
green ~ Sage flowers, apple branches, green sweet peas

Dahlias In a glass bowl

everyone The dahlias in this vase are the same variety from the same plant – AC Paint These are absolutely magical dahlias.

Dahlias and Cosmos In a glass vase

Dahlias ~ AC Paint, Wanda’s Aurora, A La Mode, Rock Star
Universe ~Lemon juice with apricot

Mixed package In a glass vase

Dahlias ~ AC Paint, Alfred C, Alpen Cherub, Rockstar, Dollarama Black
Universe ~Lemon juice with apricot
Sunflower ~Unknown category
Celosia ~ Celosia wheat
amaranth ~ Hot biscuits

Mixed order In an Ironstone jug

Dahlias ~ Colleen Mooney, Yvonne, Rockstar
Snapdragon ~ Doubleshot Orange
Celosia – Crested cock, Celosia wheat

I’ll be planting a lot of the same, plus I’ll remember this year (because again, the future self is much better at things than the present or past self) to plant more greenery.

All I have are flowers, but to make beautiful flower arrangements, you need as much greenery as you do flowers.

You can learn more about types of dahlias and other flowers in these posts.

I’ve been very lucky with everything, except for Henriette dahlia which turned out not to be Henriette dahlia but something else entirely. That’s why it’s important to mark your dahlias when you dig them up right away.

Spring begins in…

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