‘Flower sitters’ decorate Chinese homes with flourishing renovations – Xinhua

‘Flower sitters’ decorate Chinese homes with flourishing renovations – Xinhua

Soft floral decorations designed by Hou Wenlan and her team in Hefei, east China’s Anhui Province, on January 14, 2023. (Xinhua/Zhao Jinzheng)

Hefei, November 9, 2019 (Xinhua) – Holding a plastic water pipe, Liu Yi entered a spacious greenhouse and watered more than 1,000 meticulously arranged pots of flowers.

“Many people send their plants here to get better care,” said Liu, who works as a flower maintenance worker. “We classify and place them according to their characteristics and ensure they get proper water, sunlight and fertilizer, so that each plant can grow well.” Hefei City, capital of Anhui Province, eastern China.

As Chinese people strive to improve the quality of life, the flower consumption market has become increasingly popular and more people are planting various plants at home. This has created an increased demand for “flower sitters” who can provide maintenance services for plants.

Liu Weimin said, “Flower care needs professional knowledge, and ‘flower sitters’ can help people care for plants more professionally and solve problems. People can contact us via our mobile app for guidance or send plants to us directly.” . Chairman of Hefei Meidi Horticulture Co., Ltd., who established the “Flower Sitter” team in 2022.

Xiong Anling, 36, who has been growing flowers in her home for many years, said her Chinese roses were about to wither due to insufficient care. However, with careful pruning guided by online experts, it was eventually revived.

“In addition to gaining horticultural knowledge about pests, diseases and fertilization, we also need a good understanding of plants, including some new varieties, for accurate diagnosis and maintenance,” Liu said, adding that the flower market and cultivation are constantly developing. The emergence of new types of flowers requires them to continue learning and constantly improving their services.

Some Flower Sitters like Hu Wenlan are also able to provide customized green plant-themed decorative design solutions for flower or plant lovers. Lately, Ho has been busy creating soft, plant-based decors tailored to match the unique interior design styles of her clients’ homes.

Before starting the renovation process, she and her team will have a thorough discussion with the clients and understand their needs. They then incorporate different aspects of the home, such as lighting, furniture style and interior space, with the inclusion of plants. This whole process usually takes two or three days.

“Every customer has their own unique way of perceiving things. Middle-aged and elderly people prefer the artistic touch that the design brings, while young people appreciate the story behind the decoration,” Hu explained.

Since the beginning of this year, she and her team have completed the transformation of nearly a hundred porches and patios.

“It feels very good to add more green and beauty to our customers’ lives,” Hu said.

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