Many times there are beautiful things in our midst that we may not even see due to circumstances beyond our control.

Examples include the beautiful flowers on Blossom Boulevard and the flower baskets lining Division, River, and Washington streets. There’s no doubt about it: they were prettier than ever this year. Kudos to the City of Manistee and the volunteers for weeding, watering and caring for it over the summer.

It takes a lot of work to care for these flowers all summer long, but I always like to look at them in a way that gives a welcoming smile and greeting to everyone who comes to our community. A few years ago, I remember I was in another town and when I told someone where my house was, they came out and said, “Oh, the town with the pretty flowers lining the roads.”
In my book, that’s not a bad way to introduce our community to other areas around the state.
However, when it came to flowers this year, there were some “uncontrollable circumstances” that played a role. The summer of 2023 in Manistee may be forever remembered for the year of bridge repairs and therefore detours that take drivers on different routes other than the ones they normally traverse at this time of year.

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