Footage shows the mother’s final hours before the brutal domestic violence murder

Footage shows the mother’s final hours before the brutal domestic violence murder

A young couple goes out mowing the lawn on a hot summer’s day in a quiet suburb north of Brisbane. A few hours later, she would die in the middle of that quiet street, after her partner stabbed her to death. video

The footage shows Sifa Ovai and her long-term partner mowing and gardening together just two hours before she was brutally murdered near their home in Kallangur, Brisbane.

They’ve just moved to sunny Queensland from Sydney and settled into their new home in Kallangur, but they haven’t even met their neighbors in the little cul-de-sac.

But just hours later, 31-year-old Sifa Ovai died in the middle of that quiet street – stabbed to death by her partner, Anaro Ormond.

What happened in those few hours on Saturday remains under investigation by the Queensland Police Service, but Ms Ovai’s death is being treated as a domestic violence homicide.

CCTV on the street captured Ms O’Fay’s final hours alive, showing her and Ormond mowing and trimming the grass in the front yard of their corner building.

Cameras captured a couple’s final moments before the woman was stabbed to death by her partner. Photo: Supplied

Neighbor Peter Sellers said the street was quiet until the sirens sounded around 7 p.m.

“I walked outside and there was a street full of police and fire crews… and we could see someone being rescued in the middle of the street,” Sellers said.

Ms Ovai was stabbed multiple times by her long-term partner.

She tried to run, but collapsed midway and was unable to be rescued.

Her killer, 32, then jumped over fences to return to his home and set it on fire.

He suffered serious burns in the fire before escaping through the property.

The Dog Squad and PolAir were used to track down the man who was eventually found in someone’s front yard about an hour later.

He was taken to hospital with serious burns and died on Sunday morning.

Siva Ovai was stabbed and died in Kalangur.

The Courier-Mail understands Ms Auvae and Ormand moved from Sydney to Kallangur about a month ago.

Real estate data shows that the Francis Court property was listed for rent in July this year, and was taken off the market on September 28.

Neighbors say the couple moved into the house in October, but there was no sign of children.

Footage taken from the scene of the accident in Kalangor.

Mrs Ovai, a Maori woman, had four children with the man who killed her. The youngest is not yet one year old.

Ms Ovai’s family said in a statement that she had moved to Australia from New Zealand to find a better life for her children.

“No one, including Siva, expected what happened,” they said.

Police at the scene on Sunday. Photo: Richard Walker

Police confirmed that the children were not at home when their mother was killed.

In the weeks before her death, neighbors said there was screaming.

An unnamed neighbor said: “We saw them mainly from a distance, and did not have the opportunity to identify them properly.”

“We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. One time my brother-in-law said he heard screaming, but I thought it could be kids in the neighborhood.”

Fire in the couple’s home.

NSW Police declined to comment on any previous domestic violence orders, or any history of domestic violence between the couple.

Queensland Police confirmed there were no current domestic violence orders in either state.

They appeal to anyone who has information or footage to come forward.

The family requested privacy as they mourned the death of their beloved Mrs. Offai.

“The family wants Siva to return home, as she left, whole and with her children by her side.”

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