Genius decorating idea by Joanna Gaines using old summer flowers

Say goodbye to summer by packaging your favorite seasonal flowers in a cute way.

We are now in that seasonal transition period between summer and fall. It’s not quite fall, but it feels less and less summery with each passing day.

For some, this represents unparalleled excitement waiting for sweater weather, apple picking, and pumpkin spice latte season. This is in contrast to many who are more reluctant to say goodbye to the warmth of summer, the Aperol spray and the beach weather at peak times.

Lucky for us, Joanna Gaines, creator and decorator at Magnolia, posted a genius decor idea to help preserve the natural beauty of summer. All it takes is a glass bowl and your favorite flowers.

What is Joanna Gaines’ decor idea?

Joanna Gaines’ decor idea is simple. In an Instagram video, the Magnolia designer looks at a glass bowl filled with pink “garden beauty” with a “Summer 2023” sticker attached to it. Fittingly, she captioned the video “packing summer the best I know how.” so cute!

How to Create a Summer Flower Jar by Joanna Gaines

Naturally, we couldn’t get enough of this adorable decor idea. As Joanna explains in her post, to preserve some of the beauty of your favorite summer garden, all you need to do is dry or press them before packing them.

How to dry flowers

Although there are several ways to dry flowers, the method you choose depends on the type of flower you are drying or the amount of time it takes for the flowers to dry.

Air drying vs. Microwave

Flowers can be air dried by leaving them out in the open. It is best to hang flowers upside down, otherwise they will droop. This appears to be the method used by Joanna Gaines as seen at the beginning of her Instagram video.

Although air drying is effective, it is not the quickest method as it may take two to three weeks. Microwaving, on the other hand, only takes a day. To do this, simply cover your flowers with silica gel and place them in the microwave for one to five minutes at a low temperature. Let it rest for a full 24 hours, then remove the gel, cut off the stems, and voila!

Press the flowers

Alternatively, you can choose to press the flowers: either dried or fresh. Use an actual flower press — like this flower press from Amazon — or easily press flowers using a book from home.

For the book method, simply place the flowers on one of the pages and then close them. To avoid a mess, place something under the flowers before placing them inside. Add more books on top and leave for three to four weeks.

It bothers them

After preparing the flowers and removing the stems, you can package them in a mason jar! It’s a way to preserve not only some of your favorite flowers but also memories of the warmer months. Super simple and cute!

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