Grass rust – learn how to combat the fungal problem |

Grass rust – learn how to combat the fungal problem |

Lawn rust is a common problem that causes the lawn to discolour and appear red-orange from late summer onwards. A wide range of plants can suffer from the spread of rust through fungal spores, and when this affects the turf, it can cause the turf to develop an unsightly appearance.

There are certain signs to watch for to know if your grass has been affected, as the spores may also stain your shoes and clothing while you are out in the backyard.

However, it’s not all bad news, as lawn rust is a problem that can easily be avoided with a good lawn care regime, and if it does appear on your lawn, there are some simple ways to help prevent its spread and limit its impact on your lawn. Your garden.

Grass rust appears through orange blisters on grass blades

(Image credit: Alamy/JJ Gwen)

What is grass rust?

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