Halloween: Police visit Rothley's home after a complaint about the decor

Halloween: Police visit Rothley's home after a complaint about the decor

Comment on the photo, Joe and Rob Flower refused to give up their decorations

A couple behind a scary Halloween display said they were “traumatized” by police who visited their home after a complaint.

Jo Flower said officers asked them to “tone down” their elaborate annual decorations at their home in Rothley in Leicestershire.

Ms Flower and her husband Rob, 48, refused to make any changes.

Police said officers told them the display could remain temporary after they discovered it was for charity.

Since moving to the village 11 years ago, the couple have created increasingly complex displays.

This year, the decorations – featuring a dancing skeleton bride, half-buried mannequins, inflatable statues and shuttered windows – were put up to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Comment on the photo, It took three weeks to install the decorations

During a visit on Friday, Ms Flower said a police officer and PCSO asked them to “tone it down”, but did not explain the nature of the complaint.

The 37-year-old explained that the display was created for charitable purposes and refused to remove it “on principle.”

“When you think about how high crime rates are, police tell people they're too busy to attend a robbery, but they come in and look at some inflatables,” she said.

It was agreed on Saturday that the display could remain, but would have to be removed after the weekend.

Ms Flower said they had never received a complaint before, adding it was a popular community attraction.

“It's about making people happy,” she added. “Not only children, but adults come to see him.

“People tell me it's so amazing, they can't believe how amazing it is.”

Comment on the photo, The couple raised more than £600 for Cancer Research UK through their show
Comment on the photo, Our attractive displays are getting bigger every year

Ms Flower added: “I was shocked when someone complained. If a lot of people say it's too much, we'll tone it down.”

“But no one here has a problem, it's the kind of place where people come up and say something to you.

“We're not aiming to upset anyone, we just wanted to raise some money for charity.”

A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman confirmed they attended after a member of the public raised their concerns with them on Thursday.

She added: “Through these inquiries, it became clear that the display was for charity, and it was agreed to remove the display after the weekend to avoid any further inconvenience.”

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