Hello Foliage contains plants, unique items, and tips!

Hello Foliage contains plants, unique items, and tips!

Marissa Merriman is the owner of Hello Foliage in South Salt Lake. She moved to Utah eight years ago, she told us. “On my first birthday here on my own, I saw a blue-dyed orchid in the grocery store. I picked it up and took it home as a birthday gift to myself. I fell in love with it, and wanted more!”

Once COVID-19 hit and everyone was home all the time, there was a huge boom in plants. Marissa quickly ran out of space in her home and knew it was time to make the move and provide the community with an exciting new plant store.

She enjoys sharing the knowledge she has learned through trial and error, research, and time, so that others can skip the hard part and enjoy it right away.

Basic Tips:

Under Watering: They will tell you if they are thirsty but are wilting or drooping a little. They will also tell you that you are not watering it soon enough by having its old leaves yellow shortly after receiving water. It’s actually a really cool process that the plant does when they do that. They absorb energy from the oldest leaves and use that energy to sustain themselves.

Overwatering: brown spots with mostly yellow rings. Its leaves may also become soft, and that’s when you know you’ve overdone it, and you should pull the plant out of its pot and check its roots. Overwatering can also happen when you grow an indoor plant in a pot that is too large. They want only 2 inches more space than the root ball in any direction. Indoors, we don’t have the elements we do outdoors, so the soil tends to stay moist longer. There are exceptions to this rule too! Herbs are an example of this.

Acclimation: When you bring a new plant home, it needs to acclimate to its new space, especially for us here in Utah with so little humidity. The plants will adapt perfectly to the low humidity, all you have to do is give them some time, and understand that when you see yellow edges or spots, it’s okay. It takes about a month for the plant to acclimate, so I suggest giving it that time to do so, and not changing anything else while it acclimatizes. After a month, if you’re still having problems, that’s when you’ll want to try a new place, pot, etc.

The thicker the plant’s roots, the denser the soil needs to be.

Indoor plants are the opposite of outdoor plants when it comes to watering needs, pot sizes, soil types and fertilizer strength. Many people who grow outdoor plants suffer from indoor plants because of this.

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