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Keep copies of everyone

Your credit cards

Dear Heloise: I make copies of all the credit cards and driver’s licenses that my husband and I carry in our wallets. I also do the same thing for my mom. Don’t forget your checkbook, too. I use my home printer for added privacy and security. The copies contain all the phone numbers and account numbers you need to make calls to cancel accounts, which is much easier than having to remember what items are in the wallet. Store copies in a safe place.

I also try to stress to my mom the importance of putting the remaining cash from a purchase in her wallet, and then her wallet securely in her purse before leaving the store. The key word in this sentence is “try.” I read your column in the New Hampshire Union Leader after my mother passed the paper to me. — Debra C., via email

Tip for baking cookies

Dear Heloise: When I make cookies, I always put the bowl inside the right side of the sink. This makes it much easier for me, because I am a very short lady. It’s also great when you let younger kids help! It contains chaos when they accidentally reach the wrong speed. Good day! —Lynn, in Iowa

No more lumpy polenta

Dear Heloise: Never suffer from lumps in your polenta again! Take half the required amount of water and heat the polenta as recommended. Make the other half with cold water. Mix the polenta in cold water. Pour this mixture into the pot of water, then mix and cook. By mixing the polenta in cold water, the air is dispersed around the polenta so there are no lumps. — Susan Hanley, Simi Valley, California

Saving tulip buds

Dear Heloise: We have enjoyed your column in our local newspaper for years, and I never thought I would have a reason to write to you, until now. In our flower gardens, we have grown many daylilies over the past few years. But the fun turned to frustration when we would emerge in the morning and find that the neighborhood deer had enjoyed the various lily buds and other flowers during the night.

We have tried sprays and powders to deter them from eating in our garden. This summer, after the first havoc in our garden, I decided to try a different approach.

I’ve been using plastic bags from my local grocery store and placing them on top of the plants overnight. We go out the next morning and remove the bags. Presto! All is well, we have saved the buds.

We’ve been thrilled with the results of enjoying our favorite lilies and flowers again this summer and recycling the bags for a purpose. —Jenny and Mark Notner, Bedford, New Hampshire

Red stain remover

Dear Heloise: Here’s great advice for frustrated cooks. I mixed the red enchilada sauce with the other ingredients in a white plastic bowl. The meal was great, but I was left with a bowl stained red. I tried vinegar, baking soda, dish liquid, and anything else that I thought might get rid of it, but this is what turned my salad white again:

I put the pot outside on a sunny day! Voila, no red! Try it; It has worked for me many times. Love your tips at Press-Enterprise. – D.F., Riverside, CA

Send a money or time saving tip to Heloise, PO Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001, or you can fax it to 1-210-HELOISE or email it to Heloise@Heloise.com.

I can’t respond to your letter personally but will use the best hints I’ve received in my column.

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