His little lawnmower wasn’t cutting it. Strangers took notice and stepped in to help.

His little lawnmower wasn’t cutting it.  Strangers took notice and stepped in to help.

When every bad partner rises to the level of a narcissist or gassy, ​​personality quirks become symptoms of autism, and bad days become bouts of depression, the world begins to become more terrifying.

That’s why a recent post on Reddit by NotABigFanOfDucks was so refreshing. They asked people on the forum, “What’s not as bad as Reddit wants you to believe?” It received nearly 10,000 responses as people quelled the sensationalist nature of social media.

Here are 11 things that aren’t “almost as bad” as social media wants you to believe.

1. Work on resolving relationship problems

“Yes, a relationship shouldn’t be a constant struggle beyond good, but it’s not always drizzle and sunshine. We’re all human, including you and the people you date.” – Lucura Lens

2. Parents are welcome in the parks

“As a father, I took my daughters to the park. No one ever thought I was a predator or looked at me suspiciously. In fact, most people gave me positive vibes because they liked seeing the father actively participating. It wasn’t strange to see the others being men.” -Bobby to Sticks BTS2

“100%. As a man, I take more credit for doing anything with my child than her mother does with random strangers. The bar is too low for us.” – Teddy One

3. Not all bad partners are abusive

“I mentioned an ex-partner being emotionally immature, and one said he was a covert narcissist. Not every relationship conflict is a sign that someone is abusing you.” — Xain_the_idiot

“When did we start using the word ‘narcissist’ to describe someone who exhibits literally any unwanted behavior? It gets on my nerves so much. Not everyone is a narcissist, FFS. Some people are just regular characters in your everyday life* *head.” – Napping and shiny objects

“That’s my big beef. Not everything needs a label to validate it. People can be an a**hole without being narcissistic. Some people are just wrong sometimes. They’re not trying to gaslight you.” — I_Poop_sometimes

4. Mental health

“Oh my God, I’m completely exhausted by the new crop of psychologists we now have to deal with, thanks to TikTok. Everyone has ADHD, as well as severe anxiety and depression, which in turn are caused by terrible past traumas. But you’re a warrior.” Brave just for waking up every morning!” -crosscom

“My cousin suffers from OCD and was arrested because, at age 12, she confronted three officers who tried to force her to go to school, but she had to walk home because her step count wasn’t a multiple of 5, so if she didn’t come home and do… That said, she honestly thought her perfectly healthy mother was going to die. I believed this enough to fight three police officers. At the age of twelve. I was recently talking to someone who said they were OCD, and I asked them, “What is their compulsion?” and they said, “I like to keep my room tidy,” and I said, “Is it tidy now?” They said no, and then they got upset when I told them it wasn’t OCD and when I showed them the DSM-V, they said, “It’s a spectrum.” “Not everything is on a grand scale. You’re a normal person, and that’s normal.” —Throwaway_Consoles

5. 9 to 5 evil jobs

“9-to-5 cabin job.” As someone who thought he would do DIY and retail all his life, I love my office job.” — Dabin en dem joie

“This is a big one. Desk jobs can feel depressing at times, and some are worse than others, but I’ve been working as a cook and landscaper for years at a time, and I’ll take my current desk job. Nothing toes with the line ‘cooks or landscapers,’ but these jobs Very difficult to maintain for decades. “It greatly affects the body, mind and spirit.” —Aphytosnamedjames

6. Misconceptions about introversion and extroversion

“Introvert and extrovert don’t really mean what most people think they mean. Rather, it means people who recharge their energy either by being around others or not. If you’re an introvert, you can recharge your energy on your own. If you’re an extrovert, you can recharge your energy by Being around others. This is why you can see socially adept introverts and socially awkward extroverts. “It really has nothing to do with confidence in social settings, but whether they energize you or not.” – Lily Hicks

7. American Life

“Life in America. We have our problems, sure, but so do all countries. Reddit likes to compare the most awful suburb of a terrible city with, like, downtown Stockholm.” — Narcadia

“Thanks for the reminder that this American often drifts into pessimism. There are some accelerating trends that will likely have us here before anyone in the mainstream sees them coming, but all the hysteria surrounding the little things seems to be pushing people toward further disaster.” “Reactions to problems are exaggerated. “We could all use the phrase ‘it’s not that bad.'” — PM_ME_UP_PEWP

8. Upward mobility

“A person’s ability to work hard and improve their quality of life over time.” -ToomochMableSerup

“The attitude that ‘I will never succeed because society has set me up to fail, so I will never try anymore’ is very prevalent and very unhealthy.” -One zero five

“This may be a selfish and nihilistic way of thinking, but when I see people with that mindset, I think it will be easier for me to succeed because I’m willing to work hard and get better over time. It’s as if people are also willing to put themselves near the bottom of “Hierarchical order” (standard deviation, bell curve, however, as you can see), it is easier for me to rise to the top.” -DohBlue7

9. Being a parent is fun

“Being a parent! Raising an entire human being from scratch is extremely stressful, yes, but children are also fun, kind, playful, loving, weird, weird, and wonderful – all of which greatly and unequivocally outweighs the hardship.” -Amoregm

“I’m really sorry to hear people talk about how hard it is. I was stressed out by it a lot leading up to this. Not enough people talk about how much fun it is to be a parent.” – Kanfan8

10. Romance from May to December

“Age gaps in relationships. I’m not saying they’re all okay, but a lot of Reddit users seem to think they’re all inherently abusive.” – A hollow disaster

“Exactly. What’s the point of setting the age of consent and then getting upset when two people over that age agree to consent? People here like to get upset about things that have nothing to do with them. It’s weird.” —Anonymous_Seaotter

11. Rejection

“I suffer from the pain of rejection or the pain of regret. I have never regretted approaching a woman, but I still remember regretting not approaching her.” – 65 and Sunny

“Also, being rejection sensitive does not mean you have ADHD.” – they are running

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