Homeowner angry at HOA for banning native grasses in his garden

Homeowner angry at HOA for banning native grasses in his garden

Across the United States, more and more environmentally conscious homeowners are trying to “redo” their yards, removing space-wasting and water-guzzling lawns to plant native grasses and flowers.

But many HOAs stand in the way of rules that limit the height of grass or limit the types of plants owners can grow. Some homeowners have opposed the restrictions, like a Maryland couple who helped change state law. Others have turned to online communities to help get around the rules.

Now, one Redditor is hoping to push the boundaries of an HOA’s restrictive turf rules by planting his own native ground cover.

“My HOA regulations state that 25% of my garden can be weeds/clover,” a Virginia-based user wrote in the r/NativePlantGardening subreddit. “Help me find a native ground cover that can become clover/weed.”

The comments section reveals that the original publisher has already exceeded their HOA limits. One user suggested planting wildflowers, but the original poster replied: “They got mad at me this year for the wildflowers in my garden so that’s a no-no. I’m looking for something low-growing and inconspicuous.”

“I’m going to try larger shrub plants…looks more like traditional landscaping,” another commenter said.

But the original poster said they already had more traditional plants, such as violets, ferns and irises, and were not allowed to reduce the lawn area any further. Instead, they need a ground cover that is less than 4 inches tall.

“Can potted plants or raised beds overcome this limitation?” Another commenter asked, to which the original poster replied: “I have a five-container bog garden which is the maximum number of containers allowed.”

“This is why I will never (live) in HOA,” one user said, feeling frustrated.

Despite this, commentators found several solutions.

Several comments mentioned Smart Will, while another asked: “Have you checked out the green and gold?”

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