Homeowner stuns by converting lawn to correct previous owner’s dangerous decision: ‘A huge improvement’

Homeowner stuns by converting lawn to correct previous owner’s dangerous decision: ‘A huge improvement’

Image source: u/xenmate/reddit

One homeowner stunned Reddit with his surprising transformation from a horrific lawn to a glorious garden.

The grass in question was not real, but rather artificial turf, which is essentially a carpet of plastic grass laid over the homeowner’s backyard.

Although artificial turf has risen in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, recent reports show that most homeowners are regretting their purchase. The benefit of not having to mow disappears when you realize you have to vacuum your garden instead, and that plastic is unhealthy for people, pets, and the environment.

The homeowner shared the photos as proof of the amazing progress he has made.
Image source: u/xenmate/reddit

So, when a homeowner found artificial turf in his new home, he had to get rid of it.

“I bought this house a year ago,” they explained in their before and after post on r/NoLawns. “The first thing I did was remove that damned plastic lawn.”

Typically, the gardener must also remove the layers beneath the artificial turf and replace them with new, healthy topsoil. However, the homeowner thought he might be able to cut some corners.

“(I) decided to plant directly into the substrate that the construction workers had placed on it,” they said. “Plants are surprisingly happy living in that crap.”

The Redditor also shared before and after photos as proof of the amazing progress they’ve made. In the “before” shot, the grass is pulled back to display the grained substrate contained within a wooden frame.

The “after” shot is unrecognizable. Thriving plants fill the box from wall to wall in a stunning array of colors and shapes. Even in the London autumn, some flowers are still blooming. A curved stone path leads through the center of the garden.

In one comment, the original poster explained that they took full advantage of the resilience of native plants. “The rules: no watering, no pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilizing, no weeding until you are 100% sure what it is,” they said.

This time- and money-saving approach is one of the main benefits of indigenous farming – plus they feed and shelter local wildlife, including pollinators. Other grass alternatives, such as clover, buffalo grass, and xeriscaping, are similarly low-maintenance and good for the environment. Even converting part of your garden makes a shocking difference.

Commenters have loved seeing this park transformed from the worst plastic litter to the best native habitat. “The huge improvement looks huge,” one user said.

“Thank you for showing that you don’t need to make big adjustments for things to grow,” another commenter said.

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