House of Flowers Plant store opening in downtown York, Pennsylvania Beaver Street

House of Flowers Plant store opening in downtown York, Pennsylvania Beaver Street

York city center is getting greener with the addition of a vibrant new plant shop, offering bioluminescent plants that are as unique as the city itself.

From succulents placed in espresso cups and broth boats, to long-leafed Madagascar palms, House of Flowers has plenty of unusual plants you might not find anywhere else.

That was the goal of owner Catherine Shirley, who has a green thumb in every aspect of the plant world.

“You can get a small houseplant anywhere, but sometimes you’re looking for something unique, and I wanted to offer some of those plants that you can’t always find in big box stores,” Shirley said.

The single mother of three was working in sales and business management and found herself constantly challenged in maintaining steady employment due to her health limitations, so she decided it was time to be her own boss.

“I was home recovering from major surgery and started messing around with succulents and gardens,” Shirley said. “I was wandering around looking for unique planters, or items that could be used as a planter, and I opened an Etsy shop.”

Shirley has been a gardener all her life, and began at an early age helping in her parents’ garden, pulling weeds, and planting flowers and herbs.

“The more I thought about it, there was a real need for a local plant store here that offered something different.”

House of Flowers opened May 1, and Shirley and her three children, who can often be seen watering plants or pressing buttons behind the register, are loving every second.

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Although it has only been open for just over a month, House of Flowers is thriving with tons of colorful potted plants, and Shirley said there are many more to come.

“The thing I would enjoy doing every day is going into the greenhouse and walking around. The smells, the different plants – it’s all so healthy and beautiful.”

Although it’s not a greenhouse, Shirley hopes to give others a similar experience when they walk into her store.

Cut flowers arranged into bouquets, as well as DIY bouquets, will be available in store over the coming months, as well as flower workshops for adults and children where participants will learn how to create flower arrangements.

Also available in store is a range of plant-themed gifts including mugs, t-shirts, vintage posters, locally made keychains, pots and jewellery.

For weddings, parties or celebrations, Shirley makes occasion gifts, including small plants or succulents.

Her goal is to get involved in the local community as much as she can.

“I also know that not everyone is a plant expert, so I always offer help after purchasing a plant, so if someone takes it home and has questions, they can always reach out to me,” Shirley said.

House of Flowers is located at 15 N. Beaver St., York, and information about the store can be found on its Facebook page.

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