How to care for amaryllis and make them bloom

How to care for amaryllis and make them bloom

If you were gifted an amaryllis bulb during the holidays, you’ll need to know how to care for it. These tall, festive plants will add a bold splash of color to any home, with blooms in red, white and pink. They are a popular gift at this time of year and suit all levels of gardener, because they are fast growing and relatively easy to care for, just like fruit garden. However, there are still ways you can mishandle this plant and prevent its growth.

Like all plants, amaryllis have specific preferences when it comes to watering, feeding, location and temperature. These factors must be taken into consideration to give her the best possible care. Follow our advice, and you can help your amaryllis grow all year long and even bloom again. Here’s how to care for amaryllis.

How to care for amaryllis


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Amaryllis are less fussy than most plants when it comes to watering, but they still require regular care. You should water the soil around the bulb until it reaches the tray or saucer underneath; Leave the soil moist rather than soggy or wet. Then, once drained, squeeze any excess water out of the tray. The soil must be left to dry before watering again. Avoid overwatering the amaryllis or the bulb will rot.

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