How to complete the Ancient Coin quest in Palia

How to complete the Ancient Coin quest in Palia

You never know what you'll find when exploring a world Worn out. There are treasure chests, creatures, plants and puzzles. One of these mysteries is the search for ancient coins. However, this isn't something you'll stumble upon easily, so you may need a little help figuring out how to start the task.


Balia: Hodari Character Guide

This mining man discovered.

The Old Coin quest will have you traveling a bit between Kilima Village and the beach-themed Bahari Bay. Most of the quests will take place in the Submerged Castle area of ​​Bahari Bay, so it might be a good time to find treasure while you're searching for the elusive quest.

Palia is currently in open beta, which means game content is subject to change.

Where to find ancient coin quest

The flooded Ballia Castle with the avatar standing in front of the entrance.

To get the Ancient Coin quest, You'll need to set out for Bahari BaySpecifically, the submerged castle. When used The main entrance to the submerged castle area, you will be able to do so See ancient ruins.

You will see Two parts of a broken bridge on pillars. Chrome is visible on the broken bridge parts, you will like it Make your way to the piece of bridge on the left With very long vines.

How to navigate the broken bridge climbing vine puzzle

As you probably guessed by the mention of chromium, You are about to pass the climbing puzzle. It's not an exceptionally difficult puzzle, however There are some things you want to know to Avoid falling into the pillar And having to go home.

If you get stuck during this puzzle, you can
Use the /unstuck command in chat
“Go Home” feature.
On your map.

Solve the puzzle of climbing the vine in the flooded castle

  1. Climb the vines you see hanging on Left broken bridge piece.
  2. Rest on Short cracked column If you need to recover Durability.
  3. Just before the top of the vines, release the glider and open it (Don't climb to the topor may become Column defect).
  4. Land on The first level of the bridge.
  5. Walk to the right once you reach the first level, and you'll see some short vines at the front of that bridge piece.

  1. Climb those vines to a satisfying height and Slide across the other broken piece of bridge. There is another cracked pillar that you can rest on if necessary.
  2. Once you reach the second broken piece of bridge, there will be a bunch of vines climbing up the right support pillar. Climb it to reach the upper level Subordinate Bridge.
  3. Slide through the main ruin, where it is located Covered walkway straight ahead.
  4. Take any flight of stairs outside the lobby and Follow the curved walkway Until you reach Opening.
  5. Enter the room, and take stairs Which leads down.
  6. Enter the room with Large phoenix statue And travel to behind Subordinate room.
  7. that Interactive vase He sits behind the phoenix statue.
  8. Interaction to collect The first ancient coin And receive the quest.

Once you get the mission, You will be able to talk to the villagers Turn it around. Talk to Jenna about the ancient coin, and any other villagers you want. Recently, You will want to talk to Zaki To continue the next parts of the mission.

How to find a second ancient coin

An avatar of Balia stands on a broken piece of bridge with an interactive vase emitting sparkles.  The vase contains the second coin for the Ancient Coin quest.

To find If you get the second Ancient Coin, you'll want to go straight back to the flooded castle. You will also be able to Find the third ancient coin in the same general area of ​​the flooded castle also.

You can
Use the teleport to the outskirts area
To approach the entrance to the submerged castle.

Once you pass through the corridor leading to the submerged castle, Climb onto the grassy ledges immediately to your right. You will like it Climb up a few ledges And Slide into the broken piece of bridge Connected to the drainage pipe covered with the mesh.

Palia map location of the second ancient coin vase circled in orange in the Flooded Castle area.

From here, you can Either look for the third ancient coin or slip through the main ruins To visit the Phoenix Statue.

How to find the third ancient coin

An avatar of Palia standing next to the third vase of the Ancient Coin quest in the Flooded Castle.

To get the third ancient coin, it may be easier to do this Go back to the beginning of the Climbing Vine puzzleAnd Climb up the cracked pillar. the The vase will sit on the poleBut it will be difficult to see it from the ground.

Interact with the vase to get the third ancient coin And back to the Phoenix statue.

How to get lucky coupons

The avatar of Palea stands near a large phoenix statue.  The sparkles on the statue indicate that the avatar can interact with it.

Will do Need three lucky coupons to advance In the Ancient Coin questline. All you have to do is Interact with the Phoenix statue To deposit the old coins you found. You should end up with three fortune vouchers.

Lucky coupons and old coins will occupy their own spaces
In your inventory. Will do
You need at least three free inventory spaces
To get them all.

Once you're done Received all three Wealth VouchersYou can Back to Zaki To share your discoveries. You can Read fortune slips from your inventory if you want.

Ancient Coin Quest Rewards

Palia's quest log shows the Ancient Coin quest and rewards.  A special and famous Zaki coin is displayed.

the Rewards for ancient coin quest region lucky Coin from Zaki, And Ten fame.

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