How to get grass in Rune Factory 3

Rhone Factory 3 It is a farming simulation where players can fight and tame monsters in the wild. There are a variety of different monster types, but each of them will need to be fed grass when kept on the player’s farm.

This means that if players are planning to have a whole bunch of these adorable creatures to hang out with at home, they’ll also need to grow a lot of grass to feed them. But first, Ron Factory Players will need to find grass seeds to plant them, and finding them can be a bit difficult.

Where to get grass in Rune Factory 3 Special

There is only one place in this farming simulation game to pick up grass seeds: the flower shop. Chara runs the flower shop, and lives in the shop with her sister and grandfather. This building is located in the southwestern part of the city. It sells several items, including Moondrop Seeds, Toyherb Seeds, and the elusive Grass Seeds needed to feed the player’s herd. They are called Fodder Seeds and each weighs 270 gold.

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To access this menu in this cozy RPG on Switch, interact with Shara during store hours; This is every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Select “I’m here to shop” in the first menu, then choose “I’d like to buy some flower seeds.” Forage seeds will be available in this menu.

How to get more Forage Seeds in Rune Factory 3 Special

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Once players have planted some grass seeds, they can pick them if they have enough RP, but it is better to use a scythe to mow the grass instead. This will give the player new grass and grass seeds. Just make sure not to use the machete again, otherwise it will uproot the original grass. This will allow players to have a massive number of fodder plants that grow to support all the monsters they desire. Grass also has no season, so it can be planted whenever needed without it turning into dry grass.

Also, if players in this relaxing farm simulation want their grass to grow faster, they can use out-of-season plants to make wilted grass, then turn that into soil boosters. Simply plant a plant out of season, then wait for it to turn into a wilting weed. Pick it, then put it on the soil. Use a hoe to till the soil with wilted grass, then sow the seeds on top. This will speed up the grass growth rate to ensure players can feed their monsters faster.

Rune Factory 3 Special Available for PC and Switch.

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