No shield was placed Baldur’s Gate 3 It can hopefully be compared to the legendary Helldusk set, but obtaining this gear requires you to set foot in places most people wouldn’t dare venture. From the depths of Avernus to the most secure castle on the Sword Coast, you’ll need to give your best.

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There are four pieces to this set. Three of them are located inside the House of Hope itself, the process of entering a difficult stage and the process of finding each piece even more difficult. The final piece lies within Enver Gurtash’s grasp. How far are you willing to go to obtain this unique armor?

How to get the Helldusk helmet

Heldosk helmet

Very rare helmet. Grant Immunity to critical visits.

Infernal sight: Watch in magical and normal darkness up to 12 metres. Immune to the blind condition.

Magic Durability: +2 bonus to saving throws against spells.

Killer look: Allows the user to stare as a group action. Deals an additional 2d8 fire damage to burning creatures. On a failed Smart save, the creature takes an additional 2d6 fire damage while burning and becomes frightened for 3 turns.

The Helldusk Helmet is found in Secret basement In the house of hope, Directly on the other side of the magical barrier that protects the boudoir. It’s a purple, diamond-looking contraption hanging on the wall.

To enter the secret vault, go up the stairs to Interact with the dormant Infernal Gem. When it turns purple, Send someone with high Intelligence or Arcana proficiency to use it (Arcana check, DC20).

The player finds the Helmet of Helldusk inside the treasure pile in the basement of the Secret House of Hope in Baldur's Gate 3

If you fail, the gem will hit you backwards. On success, The wall will open To uncover the secret treasure vault.

heldosk helmet (In the treasure pile), Maul’s necklace, and the magic staff can all be found in this room. Take what you want and leave

How to get Helldusk Gloves

Harleep offers to play a game with a player in Boudoir in Baldur's Gate 3

Heldusk gloves

Very rare gloves. Give +1 to Strength saving throws.

Infernal sharpness: Gain +1 to spell attack rolls and spell saving DCs.

Infernal touch: Deals an additional 1d6 fire damage when making a weapon attack or 1d6 necrotic damage when making an unarmed attack. Potentially causing bleeding on target.

fire beam: Allows the wearer to cast fire rays, dealing 1d6 fire damage for each of 3 fire rays (totaling 3d6 damage).

Helldusk Gloves can only be obtained After entering the boudoir. Connect through the House of Hope, Complete the Archive section and get the Boudoir Invitation By deceiving or pickpocketing the archivist.

After stopping the magic barrier leading to the room, you can enter the boudoir and Find an incubator named Harleep.

A player loots the Helldusk Gloves from Harleep in Boudoir in Baldur's Gate 3

Reject all of Harleep’s advances and fight them. This is not a difficult battle, but it is an annoying battle. After hitting Harleb once, he will become Harleb Immune to any damage dealt until their next turn. They can also attract your allies and turn them against you.

So you should Defeat Harleep with your character with the highest damage While the rest of your team fights the Harlep goblins. After defeating Harleep, you can Loot Helldusk Gauntlets from their corpses.

How to get Helldusk armor

A player loots Raphael's Helldusk armor in the House of Hope in Baldur's Gate 3

Heldusk armor

Legendary heavy armor. 21 AC, no bonus to dexterity. Heldusk Armor: Any wearer has mastered this armor. Infernal revenge: On a successful saving throw against the spell, the caster gains the Burning status for 3 turns. Fire protection head: Gain resistance to fire damage and immunity to the burning condition. Additionally, negate 3 damage from all damage types. He flies: The wearer of this armor can use Fly as a bonus action for 10 turns.

Helldusk Armor is the hardest piece of armor to obtain, but the easiest to locate. It falls on Raphael himself After completing the House of Hope, you will need this Defeating one of the toughest battle challenges in Chapter 3 To get this shield.

We have a full guide on the best way to defeat Raphael, however Some tips for the road In his defeat include:

  • Free hope To make use of her banishment spell.
  • Talk to Rafael with his high charisma and ability to persuade Convince Jorgir to help.
  • Unequip any radiant damage equipment and Avoid using radiant damage spells.
  • Stay The party spread Wherever possible.
  • Focus on campaigns first, pillars second, and… Raphael the last.

How to get Helldusk Boots

Gil prepares to cast invisibility on himself and Astarion before entering the Wyrm Rock in Baldur's Gate 3

Heldusk shoes

Very rare shoes.

Fixed: They cannot be forcibly moved by spells or actions. Ignore the effects of difficult terrain.

Infernal evasion: When you fail a saving throw, use your reaction to succeed instead.

Creeper: Teleport to an area within sight. Deal 2d6 fire damage as you land in a 3 meter radius.

While all other pieces of armor can be found in the House of Hope, this pair of shoes can also be found It can only be found in Wyrm’s Rock Castle in the Gortash Quarters.

In order to access it, you will need to sneak Storming the top of the castle (or enter if you’re friends with Gortash) Or climb the side From the castle to the top floor.

If you must infiltrate the castle and are not allied with Gurtash, we recommend doing so Send a maximum of two people only. We made this catch easily by pairing Wizard with invisibility and rogue (for lock picking).
Otherwise, you can get the boots without sneaking through the fight and defeating Gurtash. With him gone, you can steal anything in the keep without a problem.

Relief, arrowed image of the path around Wyrm's Rock to the Vine Wall in Baldur's Gate 3

If you are not friends with Gortash Or pissed off Steel Watch, us I recommend touring the castle Measure the outside wall. For this, you will need Jump off the bridge closest to the Wyrm’s Crossing to the west.

Follow the jagged slopes About the castle So you can spy peace. Climb it And then Climbing vines After a short while to reach the outside balcony.

Enter the castle and then Take the wooden door to the left cautiously. once again, Sneak to the left to open a door to the corridor.

Gale finds a passage to the top of Wyrm's Rock on the north side at Baldur's Gate 3

If you are friends with Gortash Or you disable Steel Watch, you can Enter the castle through the main gates and into the attendance room.

Everyone approaching from outside and inside must take the door leading to Passage on the north side.

You can take the south corridor instead, but all images moving forward will be from the opposite perspective.

The unseen Astarion opens the doors to the upper chamber of Wyrm's Rock and sneaks through the steel clock in Baldur's Gate 3

When you enter the upper area of ​​the castle, you will need this Beware of two things:

  • Stun traps in the middle of the tracks
  • Three steel guards patrol

Avoid them both, and make your way to Large doors in the central room.

Astarion finds the Helldusk Boots inside the chest in Gortash's room in Baldur's Gate 3

Sneak and give priority to heading to A gilded chest is in the far back right corner of the room. He was placed Next to Gurtash’s bed. The Helldusk Boots will be inside, but you have to Lock it open (DC25).

With shoes in hand, you’ll be able to Flee the castle As fast as you want. In theory, this is your finished piece. Congratulations on completing the Helldusk Legendary Collection!

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