How to grow mistletoe at home to use in your Christmas decor |

How to grow mistletoe at home to use in your Christmas decor |

Mistletoe is a beautiful plant forever associated with Christmas and the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. It’s part of many people’s Christmas decorations every year, but they probably don’t think about growing it themselves at home.

Mistletoe is an evergreen plant that produces berries in winter. It may be best known for its snowy white berries, but there are actually more than 1,500 species of mistletoe around the world and the berries can be white, pink or red.

It is a parasitic plant that attaches to other trees and shrubs, thanks to the modified roots of mistletoe. Mistletoe cannot grow on its own and needs these host plants to survive. It is commonly seen as clusters of green growth that appear prominently in trees during the winter, when they lose their leaves.

Mistletoe is often seen as green balls in the tree canopy

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Can you grow mistletoe at home?

Despite the very specific growth habits of mistletoe, you can grow your own mistletoe at home in your backyard with a little patience. Using locally grown mistletoe can provide a fresh addition to your annual Christmas traditions rather than buying it from a store and throwing it away in the New Year, or hanging fake mistletoe in your home. If you’d like to try growing mistletoe for your Christmas foliage, we’ll reveal some expert tips to help you succeed.

Mistletoe hanging on the door

Mistletoe is always a very popular decoration to hang at Christmas

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How does mistletoe grow?

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