How to keep your Calathea plant healthy

How to keep your Calathea plant healthy

Calathea plants are popular houseplants because of their beautiful foliage and easy maintenance. Elizabeth Fernandez/Getty Images

It’s no wonder the calathea plant—also known as the cathedral, peacock, or zebra plant—is such a popular houseplant. Its beautiful leaves with bright white veins against the green, red and cream leaves provide an interesting and unique texture to any room in your home.

Yet this is simple Take care of the basket Tips, and everyone will think you have a green thumb.

What are Calathea plants?

Calathea, which belongs to the Marantaceae family, is a perennial that makes good indoor plants. However, they can also grow outside in a humid environment.

Sometimes called prayer plants, calatheas, native to Brazil, react to light and darkness. The plant can tolerate a few hours of direct sunlight but does not do well in cold temperatures. The leaves have a dark green upper side and a purple underside

Calathea lighting needs

Calathea plants can handle some direct sunlight, but be careful when giving them too much light. They prefer bright, indirect light and will grow best in a shaded room. Place zebra plants away from any open windows exposed to sunlight.

Calatias and humidity levels

Tropical plants come from Brazil, so they prefer moisture. You can provide adequate humidity by placing a humidifier in the room, or by placing potted plants over a saucer filled with pebbles. Add water to the gravel and the moisture will move through the gravel and pot to the plant’s roots.

How to fertilize and water Calathea plants

Instead of tap water, use distilled water. Alternatively, you can provide rainwater for your plants. Don’t water cathedral plants too much. Feed them room temperature water when the soil dries an inch (2.5 cm) below the surface.

Plants require regular watering during the summer months and less frequent watering during the cooler months. You can give plants home fertilizer periodically.

Calathea factory maintenance

Care for your calathea plant regularly to keep it beautiful. Wipe any dust off the leaves with a clean, damp cloth. Mist the leaves to make sure all sides of the plants get moisture and moisture. Remove any yellow leaves to keep your plant strong and growing.

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