How to prepare flower food to keep your flowers fresh longer

How to prepare flower food to keep your flowers fresh longer

It’s always a shame when an expensive bouquet of flowers expires sooner than you expected, especially if you’ve taken all the right steps to preserve its freshness, like trimming the stems and replenishing the water. An additional step you can take to extend the life of your flowers is to introduce flower food to your vase.

Fortunately, although flower food can be purchased, you can easily make your own using supplies you already have on hand. We enlisted the help of a gardening expert, who shared his homemade hardwood flower food recipe and tips for keeping those flowers looking fresher longer.

Does flower food really work?

Flower foods are just as effective, says Paris Lalicata, plant expert at The Sill. According to her, “Flower food will help increase water absorption due to the sugars providing energy, and this encourages them to drink more.”

This will also help reduce bacterial growth and keep the water clean. Too much bacteria can inhibit water intake and encourage rot. “The essential nutrients provided by flower food will also help extend the life of the flowers so they stay fresh and vibrant for longer,” Lalicata adds.

Common ingredients for homemade flower food

According to Lalicata, “Store-bought flower food typically contains a combination of ingredients including sugar, citric acid, bactericides, chelating ingredients, and acidifiers.” If you cannot obtain commercial flower food, you can make your own flower preservative using common household ingredients.

She says a simple homemade solution might include a mixture of water, sugar, and a small amount of bleach or lemon juice to provide nutrients and prevent bacterial growth. Lalicata admits that the DIY version has its limitations, but it’s still effective: “While homemade solutions may not be as effective as commercial flower food, they can still help extend the life of cut flowers to some extent.”

Homemade flower food recipe

Get ready for the easiest recipe ever. This simple flower food recipe only needs three ingredients: 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 tablespoon sugar mixed in a large pot of water. That’s it!

If necessary, bleach can act as a preservative. Add just a few drops to the vase to prevent bacterial growth.

Other tips to extend the life of your flowers

Lalicata suggested trying these other tips to keep the petals vibrant.

  • Trim stems at an angle.
  • Change the water regularly, preferably every day.
  • Add fresh flower food to your vase every two to three days. (If you are using ready-made packages, follow the instructions on the package.)
  • Keep flowers away from direct sunlight or drafts.

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