How to Propagate a Venus Flytrap: Three Easy Ways |

How to Propagate a Venus Flytrap: Three Easy Ways |

Venus fly traps – Dionea muscipula It is famous for its carnivorous nature, as it uses paper traps to catch and eat insects. Although they are native to subtropical wetlands, they make great houseplants, when cared for properly.

Growing Venus flycatchers can be really difficult. But for those who have already mastered the basics of houseplant care, they present a fun challenge. If you already have one of these plants, you can take it a step further and try propagating it. This way, you can double or even triple your collection for free.

The Venus flytrap captures insects using its jaw-like traps

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3 Ways to Propagate Venus Flytrap

Experts share their top tips on how to make more of these interesting indoor plants.

Venus flytrap trap

These plants absorb nutrients from their prey

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How to propagate the Venus flytrap by division

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