How to transform pampas grass from a swingers staple into a must-have decor

How to transform pampas grass from a swingers staple into a must-have decor

Pampas Grass has been rebranding since the 1970s…

Kimberly Bond

Kimberly Bond

Every time we head over to a friend's house or scroll through Instagram for interior ideas, we find her standing proudly in a vase. Pampas grass.

The tall, delicate plant has seen something of a renaissance in recent years, having become the new darling of all those house-proud people.

Pampas grass is now a popular indoor plant (


The newfound popularity comes from the emergence of influencers and celebrities showing off their pampas grass in the background of shots posted on social media, posing alongside the plant in their enviably landscaped homes.

But pampas grass hasn't always been a symbol of subtle harmony with modern home decor trends. In fact, growing pampas grass outside used to mean something entirely different.

“Pampas grass was first popular in the 1970s,” says Maria Curis, head of floral at Amarante London. Silence. “It's associated with the psychedelic summer of love in the 1970s. Pampas grass was more associated with swingers as growing them outside the balcony was an indication of, and an invitation to, sexual liberation and curiosity.”

The flower is popular with Millennials and Generation Z (


Unsurprisingly, the plant's notorious connotations have led to pampas grass quickly falling out of favor among those outside the swinging community.

Only recently has pampas made a surprise reappearance in our homes, which Zoe Warren, interior designer at, puts down to the influence of celebrity friends Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch.

“They both like ornamental plants,” she explains. “Mrs Hinch, in particular, incorporates the plant into her home decor, where it looks great and requires very little maintenance.”

Other designers have also attributed the plant's popularity to millennials and Gen Z interior designers who are simply too young to remember that pampas grass was once a subtle but specific indicator of sexual liberation.

“A younger generation may not be aware of the connotations with it Pampas,” explains Xander Shrinan, interior designer at Dowsing & Reynolds.

Pampas grass was associated with swingers (


“It's not just him Pampas herb “Easy to maintain and maintain, it is an eco-friendly addition to the home and seems to be at the forefront of its gaining popularity.”

In fact, dried flowers are more elegant than fresh ones, because they last longer and are less wasted.

“In an age where everything seems so fast-paced, getting fresh flowers every week can quickly become a chore. So preserved and dried stems are a great alternative,” says Zander.

“Not only is it maintenance-free, it is a much greener option as waste is reduced.”

The neutral color and soft texture of pampas grass makes it great for home decor (


Meanwhile, the resurgence of mid-century interior design may also be a reason for the popularity of pampas grass.

“Pampas “It's uniquely tall and lush and has a soft, airy, natural texture that's different from the fresh flowers you're used to,” says Maria.

“Use Pampas Makes it easy to bring the softness of nature into the home. Its neutral color makes it very versatile and can be paired with many different colors so you can pair with other flowers.”

The best way to decorate this plant is to emphasize its stunning appearance and soft texture.

“Keep Pampas herb “Make them as tall as possible and place them in a tall vase on the floor, creating a feature in parts of your home by allowing them to spread out. The vase and height will give the impression,” says Maria.

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