Humble Hem Farm and Hosta

Humble Hem Farm and Hosta

ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – Chances are you have one of these things in your landscape, but there's likely a lot you don't know about it.

Jason Sarin of Humble Hen Farm and Nursery gives us all the dirt on hostas!

Hostas are the most popular perennials in the industry. Jason says for good reasons.

“It is very hardy, long-lived, and very cold hardy. It reproduces from eyes or divisions which makes it a popular plant as well. They make a great introductory plant for new gardeners where success is almost guaranteed,” Sarin said.

Hostas also run the gamut in terms of variety.

“A lot has changed since the hosta entered the market and our ancestors first grew some of the plants. They have been widely hybridized and there are thousands of registered varieties as a result. They can come in any size from six inches like the Munchkin Fire here or up to seven feet wide Like this humpback at maturity they also come in countless leaf shapes, textures and patterns. In fact, hybridisers have recently introduced red-leafed hostas which will soon be entering the wider assortment,” Sarin said.

If you didn't know, hostas do best in bright shade and can handle morning sun for a few hours at most. If hostas get too much sun, “I guarantee you by mid-summer those hostas will burn and look shabby,” says Sareen. “The blue varieties in particular will lose the wax on their leaves and turn green and burn. The point of growing them is to maximize their beauty, so why grow them where they don’t look At its best?

If Sareen had to choose a favorite, he shared that it would be the humpback whale.

“I'm partial to the blue color and thick, wavy leaves. They're more slug-resistant and really make a statement when filled. The humpback is actually a giant, and that alone warrants a place in the garden. It's a classic,” Sarin explained.

Humble Hen Farm and Nursery is a family and veteran-run nursery that specializes in perennial shade plants, especially hostas. The nursery caters to collectors and has a large collection of items. It's primarily a mail-order nursery, but Sareen says they can deliver plants directly to your door from

Sareen says you can also see him and his family on Saturday mornings at the Botetourt Farmers Market and Thursday afternoons at the Catawba Farmers Market.

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